Sheryl Crow Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor

Sheryl Crow Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor

Sheryl Crow has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. The “First Cut Is The Deepest” singer, who went through a very public struggle with breast cancer, revealed yesterday that she has a brain tumor.

The singer revealed the news in the Las Vegas-Review Journal that she suffered from memory loss for a few months and went to the doctor. An MRI scan revealed that the singer indeed has a brain tumor. Luckily, it is benign. Sheryl told the Journal that she “hasn’t really talked about it” and “it’s benign, so I have nothing to worry about”.

Meningioma is a very common type of tumor. According to an online health site, a meningioma is a benign type of tumor, but it does not deter from the fact that it could quite possibly be life threatening when it restricts blood flow to the brain. It could cause serious complications for the singer. Sheryl’s rep has reiterated that the singer will be fine and that the tumor will not affect her health in any way, so we truly hope her rep is more clued up than the doctors.

It must have been quite a frightful experience for this brave breast cancer survivor, having dealt with one of the most difficult experiences any female can go through. Sheryl’s experiences with breast cancer led to more awareness of the disease and after receiving radiation therapy in 2007, Sheryl bounced back with the adoption of a baby boy named Wyatt Steven Crow.

Sheryl Crow will receive no treatment for the tumor.

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