Sister Wives ‘Tell All’ Recap 06/24/12

Sister Wives 'Tell All' Recap 06/24/12

Tonight the season 3 mid-season finale of Sister Wives airs at 9:00PM and immediately following TLC is premiering SISTER WIVES TELL ALL, a no holds barred interview where Kody Brown and the Sister Wives speak to NBC News’ Natalie Morales about polygamy, life in Las Vegas, and their new book “Becoming Sister Wives”, that details life with the Brown family before the cameras goes on.

Have you been watching Sister Wives this season? The show is about Advertising salesman, 42, Kody Brown, his four wives: Meri; Janelle; Christine and Robyn and their 16 children. Basically the Browns are just a normal family trying to live a society that shuns their polygamist lifestyle.  Or as normal as a family can be that has four wives.

Tonight the family opens up about how each wife came to the family, the difficult adjustments along the way, and the personality conflicts that nearly drove them apart.  In the interview with TODAY show’s Natalie Morales, Kody gets his back up when she rakes him over the coals.

She says, “Did you choose religion to be a womanizer?” asks Natalie to which Kody responds, “I chose all my wives for the depth of their character, I’ve tried hard to be a good husband to ALL my wives – I’ve shouldered their needs.”   In addition, Natalie sits down with five of Brown’s oldest children to speak candidly about life in this very unusual family.

What do you think, are you buying into it?  Stay tuned to find out as we will be live blogging the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details at 10:00pm so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info and enjoy the preview while you wait.

RECAP: One man, four wives and seventeen children. Kody and his wives sit down for candid chat with Natalie Morales. They have been in the reality tv universe for two years now, but still the first of it’s kind since they are polygamists. The family had to leave Utah after going public, they now live in Vegas.

Kody thinks they are very happy in Vegas, but they are not together.  They are writing a “tell all” book about becoming sister wives.  Each women wrote their parts without looking at what the other women wrote.

In the book, the women talk about how Kody chased girls in high school. Kody says that he is not a womanizer, he has shouldered all the women’s needs. Kody wants to make it clear that he choose all his wives for their characters and this is not an open marriage.

Meri wrote in the book that the other women used their pregnancies to get closer to Kody.  She goes on to say that it was her insecurities that made her feel that way. Robyn offered to be Meri’s surrogate because Meri has problems conceiving. This is a huge issue with Meri, there are a lot of pros and cons, the con is that she needs to take into consideration her age. Kody is in the middle of this and feels like he should be involved in this.

Natalie asks Meri about an eighteen year old girl they were courting to be their first sister wife. Meri felt that it was just a crush at the time, not love and Kody agrees. Kody admits to be arrogant and cocky when he met Janelle; they had love and conviction but not romance. Meri did not choose Janelle but she was very ok with her coming into the family. Janelle claims to have had a hard time fitting in because of Meri telling her exactly how she felt at the time.

Janelle reveals in the book that the relationship with Meri wasn’t the best when she was the first to get pregnant. Janelle admits that she didn’t care about how Meri felt back then because she was always critical about her. Jody looks back and feels that they were young and they grew up, it was all about leaning and growing. A year after Janelle’s first son was born, Meri then gave birth to her first child. There was a fight one night, Janelle packed her bags and she was moving to her mother’s house, but Janelle can’t remember now what it was about. Natalie wants to know what exactly was the straw that broke the camal’s back. Janelle claims that she just needed some space. Meri doesn’t feel like she forced Janelle to do that.

Janelle admits that first year was really hard, it was hard and her perception is that Meri was hard on her at first. Janelle thinks that she and Meri will always have to work on their relationship.

Christine really was the peacemaker, she brought in a sweet likeness. Christine was raised in a polygamist family, so for her it was just a small adjustment. Kody felt she was really cool but he wasn’t attracted to her in a physical sense and once when he watched her eat nachos, he was grossed out. Meri thinks that maybe he shouldn’t be too honest with Christine. Kody goes on to defend himself because his relationship with Christine just didn’t start off on a romantic tone. Kody eventually got over the nachos and romanced Christine, they were married six weeks after they got engaged.

Christine admits that they didn’t even kiss before they got married, she really had to trust that they were going to really love each other. Christine admits that she was probably more “in love” with Kody than he was with her.

Christine and Meri were best friends at one time, but that has changed since they had different parenting views.

Time for Natalie to sit down with the kids; they find it so weird to be on TV. Their attitude about dating is, “what mom doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her”. Natalie asks if they are going to wait until they are married to have sex and some feel that they will, but some don’t know. None of the children have boyfriends or girlfriends. They all consider all the mothers to be their moms and when they are in trouble it’s huge, having so many people mad at you. They find there are way too many kids but it is good as a support system. They find that their parents are strong, where they have come from and where they are today. Logan thinks they are all going there own way with their faith and not follow the family. As far as polygamy goes, Logan doesn’t know, but he thinks it’s a good thing. Collin is opposed to polygamy because of all the drama. Madison doesn’t see herself in a polygamist lifestyle either.

Meri encouraged Kody to pursue Robyn, who already had three children. Robyn felt that Kody had the best interest of his children and wives at heart and that is what attracted her to him. Robyn didn’t want to be hurt again, but the addition of another wife sent tremors through the family. Christine had a hard time, it shaked things up and took her time to adjust.

Kody thinks that the real struggles were that Meri had en eye for the critical and it became very difficult so they went for marriage counselling. Robyn also went to the marriage counsellor. Meri admits that her relationships with everyone in the family is dfferent, it is obvious that her relationship with Christine and Janelle is still strained.

Natalie asks Kody if there will be others, he says he cannot answer that because he is working on his relationships now that he has.

The end!