Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 11 “To Thine Own Self” Recap 11/20/12

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 11 “To Thine Own Self” Recap 11/20/12

Tonight on FX my favorite show SONS OF ANARCHY airs with a whole new episode called “To Thine Own Self.” On tonight’s show Jax scrambles to put his affairs in order, while Nero handles business with his old crew.

On last week’s episode, which was titled “Crucifixed,” Juice found out that his cover has been blown — and that now Jax knows that he was responsible for giving up the club. Sneaky, Juice, but not sneaky enough. It will be interesting to see how the hunt will go down in this extra long episode, and if Jax will finally trap his rat and find the resolution he’s been seeking. Juice is told to run and get out of Charming as fast as he can — if he values his life at all.

On Season 5 Episode 11 “To Thine Own Self,” we’ll see Jax in an sticky situation. He’s in a small room with Romeo, who says, “May I remind you how easy it is to disappear.” To which Jax responds with, “And, yet, here I am.” There’s definitely a lot of tension in this scene, which is presented in the promo video we have for you below, and we can’t wait to see where that dialogue goes — probably nowhere good.

Immediately following that scene, we get a glimpse of a brutal gun fight, which leads to a nasty car crash. Will the people in the car make it out alive? Meanwhile, Clay’s situation continues to escalate, and he’s forced to confront the people who continue lurking in his shadows.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, so far?

Tonight’s recap:  Jax wakes to find Tara mulling an offer from a hospital in Portland that needs a neo-natal specialist. She says they need to get through the Otto debacle first. She tells him she understands why he couldn’t leave the club before and tells him he’s loyal and wonderful. Tara wants them to move on though. She says she feels like it’s their last chance. Jax says they don’t have to decide now, but she tells him she has to let the new job know by weeks end.

Clay wakes to find Gemma in the kitchen making them coffee. He’s feeling good about a fresh start between them with no lies or secrets. She seems more tentative. She tells him Tara’s been volunteering at Stockton and wants to know if the club knows. Clay says he’ll ask around and she gives him a little smooch and leaves.

Tara and Jax are meeting with a lawyer trying to keep Tara out of trouble. They run through her cover story and she has to go get their crying baby. The lawyer warns that Tara could do serious time. He screams at her to fix it.

Jax tells them they’ve got to get clear of the cartel and they work out who needs to do what to get that ball moving. Otto’s woken with a billy club to the side of the head by another prisoner who proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Looks like the guards are getting revenge for Otto murdering the nurse.

Jax pulls Juice aside and tells him times up and he has to get him the documents. Jax kicks Chuckie out of the office so he can chat with mom in private. He tells her the documents stolen from the safe were given back to Clay. He tells her he needs to find out where they are today. Gemma tells him she knows Tara’s up to something at Stockton and wants to know why she’s working there.

Jax says he didn’t kill Clay is because the Feds are holding a RICO case over their heads and he needs Clay alive to keep dealing with the IRA. He tells her Otto killed a nurse yesterday and it could blow back on Tara. He tells her needs the proof on Clay now.

Clay has a visitor – it’s Trager. Clay tells him he misses him – that he doesn’t miss the money or pussy from being Pres, but the comradery. Trager tells him he’s the one who killed it. Clay tells him he appreciates his loyalty and will never forget it – Trager says he’s trying to. Clay tells him he’s looking at new opportunities elsewhere and invites Trager to come along if he’s sick of watching Jax make nice with the guy who burned his daughter alive. Trager wants to know what Clay is working and he’s vague in response.

Trager heads off to the opening of the escort service where there’s a party in full swing to celebrate the opening. They bring in one of the hookers in a wheelchair. She’s got lingerie artfully covering the bullet wound in her leg.

Nero’s old gang comes to tell him they need guns. Jax wants to sell them the guns, but Nero doesn’t want them to have them. Jax says he’s got some old crappy guns lying around that should pacify them and Nero agrees. They make a plan to meet to deliver 4k worth of guns in an hour.

Clay sees Chuckie walking out with old files and wants to know what they’re for. He tells him Gemma’s looking for some old information. Clay looks suspicious and comes to see Gemma. He asks her what’s going on – she tells him Thomas’ birth certificate was in the safe and she really wants it because his birthday is coming up. Clay says they can get a copy from county and she tears up and says it’s not the same as the original. Did Clay take the bait?

In the chemo room, Tara comes to check on Unser. He asks her if they can get out of there – he says the Kenny G they’re playing is giving his cancer cancer… He wants to know what’s up with her. She says she considers him the guy who’s seen it all and she needs some perspective. Tara tells him she loves Jax and that she’s embraced his life and the club. She says she used to love being a surgeon – of course Clay took care of that with the botched kidnapping. Unser has to toss cookies and they share a life. They head out to feed her kids together.

Clay meets up with Romeo and he tells him to push to get the club back. He gives him two hours to get back to him. Meanwhile Jax meets up to swap the guns with Nero’s old gang but decide to bail when too many of them show up and open fire on the Sons. Turns out they’ve got plenty of guns already!

Juice gets grazed and they have to take the station wagon through a metal gate and down a hill to get away. They roll the wagon but come out mostly unscathed. They all seem thrilled with the ride and roll away victorious! Go Sons!

They’re patching up Juice and planning with Nero what to do about his old crew to get them in line. Clay wants a minute and tells him it’s important – he even calls him son. Clay tells Jax he heard about Otto from the CIA guy and knows why he didn’t kill him. Jax said that was his mistake. He tells him Romeo’s going to get rid of him and replace him with someone who’ll leave the guns and coke in place. Clay tells Jax he turned it down.

Clay reminds Jax when he wanted something better for his kids. Jax reminds him that changed when Clay tried to kill Tara. Clay tells him the CIA cartel issue has a shelf life and that he needs to keep Romeo in place. He tells him he needs to make bank and calls him son again. Jax explodes. Clay tells him to let the cartel thing play out, take the money and then take Tara and the kids and bail.

Jax thanks him for looking out for him but tells him he’s got another plan to change things. He takes off. Clay calls Romeo and tells him he needs more time to deal with Jax. He asks for another day to convince him and Romeo backs down. Romeo tells his CIA side kick to “make the call.” Sounds ominous.

Bobby and Jax head out to “shut the shit down.” Gemma and Nero make small talk and he asks her to come around tonight. She defers and he asks if there’s something he should know. Clay sees Nero give her a little cheek smooch. Uh-oh…

The rep from Portland comes to see Tara about the job offer. She tells him her husband is a small business owner and needs time to adjust to the idea. She accepts the job, but asks her to keep it on the down low until her hubby comes to his senses.

Otto has another visitor. It’s Lee – the guy who beat the crap out of him earlier. Lee tells Otto the next few months in prison before he dies will be the most sick and miserable ones of his life. Turns out he wasn’t another inmate – looks like someone snuck him in. Wonder if the murdered nurse was his wife. Hmm…

Juice is searching for the documents at Clay’s place with no luck. He hears an odd rustling in the AC vent…

Bobby and Jax are meeting with Henry about supplying their guns. He says he can come up with some anti-tank shit and other stuff they need. They tell him they need shipments every two weeks and that money’s not a problem. Henry says he’s in. Jax gets a call form Juice – he got the docs from the air vent. Jax tells him to put them back and then get Clay back there, but that he can’t be left alone in the house.

Jax and Bobby get rundown at a stop light by the Mexican gang and Bobby’s tire is stabbed. Trager, Juice and Clay are at Clay’s house when Bobby calls to tell them they’ve got Jax. He said he called Nero to try to work it out. On the way out, Clay pushes them out the door and locks it behind them, telling them he’s got to take his meds. He looks up at the rustling vent.

Nero kicks in the door to the gang’s apartment and guns down one guy and tells them to hand over Jax. They tell him he’s been eating too much old white pussy. He puts bullets through the brains of two more of the crew. He tells them since they wanted him back, he’s back. Ooh. Not good for them.

Jax is on ice and see his captors are the CIA douches instead of the Mexicans. They said they needed to remind him how easy it is to disappear. They tell him they can whack him, it’s just more paperwork. He tells them he’s not going to cut ties with the cartel without setting them up with another source. Jax reveals he’s got another source. He tells them he set them up with Chinese dealer Henry Lin that will get them all the good shit.

He tells them it won’t be cheap, but Henry can do it. Romeo tells him to set the meet and that all the moving parts better work. They cut Jax loose and it looks Nero killed a few thugs he didn’t have to. Oh well, world’s better off without them anyway…

Jax comes clean to the club about what he’s been working to get them in the clear. He tells them he’s getting them clear of the drugs and the cartel. They want to know if he did it all on his own and he credit Bobby as well. He tells them stepping away will mean a pay cut, but once the brothel takes off, he tells them things will get better. Jax wants to give the drugs to the Mexicans and drugs to the Chinese and calls for a vote. It’s yeses all around.

I guess Clay’s out of office for good. He tells Jax well done and he says not yet. Gemma hugs Jax and he whispers for her to take Clay home with her and keep him there until they call. The Sons drink a toast to Jax’s maneuvering. Gemma takes Clay out with her.

Jax takes some of the crew and heads out. Tara’s walking the kids around in the hospital and Lee’s there and follows her. What’s he up to?

At her place, Clay asks her about Nero. She tells him it was never anything real and says it still isn’t. Clay gets a call and says it’s Juice and that he keeps calling him. He tells her he loves her and she responds in kind. There’s a knock at the door and she says it’s probably Juice. Clay peeks out and sees Nero. He’s there for Gemma and Clay tells him she’s changing. Nero says he wanted to know if she heard about Jax. Clay tells him it wasn’t his crew.

Gemma asks Nero what he’s doing there and he says he’s worried. Clay’s getting angry and says she’s fine. She asks for a minute and brings Nero into the kitchen. He gulps water from the tap and tells her it’s ghosts. She tells him now’s not the time and he’s upset and wants to know if she and Clay are back together. She gives him a long look and tells him no. She tells him she can’t explain it yet. She tells him she loves him and kisses him. She tells him it’s okay and sends him away.

At Clay’s house, the documents are gone. Juice promises him the documents were all there. Juice admits he left him alone in the house and Jax punches him in the face. He sends Juice home. Juice apologizes, but is kicked out anyway. Bobby tells Jax that he has no real proof of Clay’s ties to the Nomad attack on the Sons. He tells him to let it go and that what he did for the club today was epic!

Jax says there are a few other things he can’t prove. He tells them his Dad wrote letters saying Clay was going to kill him by sabotaging his bike. He says Piney and Tara knew about the letters and that’s why Clay killed Piney and tried to kill Tara. He tells Bobby Clay’s responsible for what happened to her hand – that he’s responsible for everything.

Back at Gemma’s there’s a knock on the door. Clay sees it’s Bobby and opens up. He tells Clay to keep his piece handy. Clay asks Bobby if he’s there to kill him. Bobby says he’s there to keep him alive. Hmm. Wasn’t expecting that turn of events! Is Bobby turning on Jax?