“Sons of Anarchy” Season 5 Finale “J’ai Obtenu Cette” Spoilers: Kurt Sutter Chats About the Future of Your Fave Characters!

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 5 Finale "J'ai Obtenu Cette" Preview and Spoilers: Kurt Sutter Chats About the Future of Your Fave Characters!

Sons of Anarchy season 5 will come to a close tonight and, since you’re all hyped up for the show to air, we thought we’d offer up some juicy details about the show’s finale and the future of the show. But before SOA leaves us for good, Jax first has to deal with Pope and Tara will be forced to contemplate her future. Where are all these characters headed? We won’t know for sure until the end of tonight’s episode . . . fortunately we stumbled across an interview with show creator Kurt Sutters, who gives us some juicy bits to keep us settled until the finale.

Sutters tells TV Fanatic on the longevity of Jimmy Smits’ character Nero: “I’d love for him to be around. My sense is that we finished this season with it sort of open-ended because quite honestly some of it is just Jimmy’s availability and we’re trying to figure that out for next season… I just like the energy of Smits in terms of being a badass but sort of being a badass that’s perhaps has a better perspective on things. To me, he’s a little bit more of the embodiment of JT, that he’s got a lot of those qualities that his dad has, which I think is why Jax is whether consciously or unconsciously drawn to Nero.”

Sutters also hints at the fact that Clay will probably be around for much, much longer. While he admits Clay is the character that everyone would like to see take a bullet to the head, he also admits that “Clay is deeply embedded in the mythology of the show and I’m not done telling stories about him.”

And will Tara be saved? YES! You betcha. Sutter says, “Yeah. My struggle with Tara is always trying to keep her real and trying to keep her believable. This season there was this sense of her being committed to the club and that her struggle wasn’t so much, ‘Am I in or am I out?’ It was more about, ‘Okay, I’m in but how do I define myself within the club?’ But I think we see her attempt to do that all season long and I think the result of the end of this season, what happened with Otto and with that cross, is that I think she sees that perhaps it can’t be done.”

Sutter is unsure about how long the show will continue on, as he wants to avoid the possibility of dragging out show for so long that the story stretches out like taffy. He doesn’t like filler episodes. And neither do we! To read the full interview with Sutters click here, and don’t forget to come back tonight and let us know how you think the Sons of Anarchy season 5 finale “J’ai Obtenu Cette” turned out for you. Check out the preview here.

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