Suburgatory Recap Season 1 Episode 12 ‘The Casino Trip’ 1/18/12

Suburgatory Recap Season 1 Episode 12 'The Casino Trip' 1/18/12

Tonight is an all new episode of ABC’s hit show Suburgatory and we will be live blogging the show with up-to-the-minute details at 8:30 EST. This is the 12 episode of the first season and is called ‘The Casino Trip.’

Did you watch last week’s show? We watched the show and we recapped it for you! I loved the opening part with George all soapy in a towel? Didn’t you think he was hot?  What do you think about Dallas and George, do you want them to hook up? Where do you see their relationship going?

On tonight’s show George wins an all expense paid trip to Atlantic City, he enlists Noah, Fred, Tom and Alex and it turns into a getaway with the guys. During their trip they run into Steven Royce (Jay Mohr) (who is supposed to be in Singapore), and they help Fred cope with his gambling problem. Meanwhile Tessa tries to get some alone time with Scott Strauss (Thomas McDonell).

Stay tuned we will be covering the show with all the up-to-the-minute details tonight, so don’t forget to stop by at 8:30 PM and refresh often to get the newest updates.


After George wins an all expense paid trip to Atlantic City, the guys, Noah, Fred, Tom and Alex are all eager to join him. Noah asks Fred if he has to checked with Sheila first and he tells him that he has her in check, then he tells Shiela that his favorite aunt is very sick and he has to go visit her out of town. George tells his Tessa that she is to have no party while he is gone, he has left all his numbers. The moment he is gone, she calls Scott and hopes they do something wrong in every room in the house.

The boys arrive in Atlantic City and try to look cool – but they fail miserable. Fred starts freaking out, he has a real gambling problem and is getting sweaty and his hands are trembling. George wants to help him and Fred calms down for a little bit, but the gambling urge is really getting to him.

Meanwhile, Tessa is planning her evening with Scott and her friend gives her the “love box”, thinking Tessa means to have sex with him.

In Atlantic City, Fred is downstairs at the slot machines and George offers to buy him a burger to calm him down.

George calls Dallas and asks her to check in on Tessa, meanwhile Sheila overhears the conversation and gets a little suspicious because she has vibes that Fred was somewhere on the other line with George.

Tessa finally gets alone time with Scott, after he doesn’t try anything on her, she asks him if he wants to get tribal on her.

George bumps into Jay in Atlantic City, he is supposed to be in Singapore and overhears George on the phone with Dallas.

George realizes that Tessa was a little too eager to get rid of him and starts to panic.

Dallas drops by to see Tessa and finds all the house quiet, while she is telling George about it, she lets slip that Tessa has a guy over.

George gets ready to leave Atlantic City, Fred is is watching the horse race on TV with his pants (he bet that too), he won $14,000.00 and he is terrified that Sheila is going to sense it. Two skanky girls come into the room and start to through themselves at the guys, must have found out that Fred won money!

Scott is ready to leave, Tessa freaks out on him and he tells her he has to take things slow because he has seen too much in his world travels, like “vaginal birth”. Ok, so that’s a mood breaker and Tessa opens the door for him to leave.

Fred baracade himself in the bathroom, he ties his shirt around his neck and tries to hang himself from the shower curtain, but it breaks and he falls to the floor. Jay talks to him, tells him it is an opportunity to change and make better for himself. Later, Noah and George are down at the bar and George decides to wait it out the night.

The next morning George get home and Tessa is thrilled that he trusted her and didn’t come home early.

Fred gets home and Sheila is waiting for him, she starts crying, his aunt Elaine died. Fred continues to lie and tells Sheila the aunt left him a windfall, $14,000.00.

Meanwhile, while Tessa is making them a bite to eat, George finds the “Love Box”.