Taylor Swift Is Delusional: The ‘Singer’ Believes She’s Jackie Kennedy

Taylor Swift Is Delusional: The 'Singer' Believes She’s Jackie Kennedy

Taylor Swift has less talent than a crying cupcake, but she still seems to attract magazine headlines to her like a zombie attracts flies. According to Us Weekly, as reported on Jezebel.com, Taylor Swift is slowly morphing into Jackie Kennedy. No, this is not the plot for a new horror film called “Jackie O’s Vampires”.

There are several pictures in Us Weekly where Taylor is seen emulating Jackie O. She not only wears almost the exact same dresses, but she also poses like Jackie, in a macabre copy-cat manner. In 2011, Taylor was seen donning the iconic Jackie sunglasses in New York. She also mentioned recently that she’s “read a lot about Jackie Kennedy”. This would be all fine and dandy, if Taylor wasn’t dating one of the Kennedy kids! She has been spotted with Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, and also bought a mansion next to his mansion so they could share mansions like Ken and Barbie.

We know Taylor’s house has been entered by more men than a popular bordello in Holland and that her rocky relationships have been captured in her second grade lyrics, but hunting a Kennedy for his name is the same as cheating on an IQ test – you’re still stupid, whether your IQ is more than Einstein or not.

Hey, who knows, maybe one day Taylor will be able to grow up and stop clinging to men in order to write “lyrics”. She might be loved by billions of pre-teens, but popularity has never been a rule of thumb for talent, so Taylor, why don’t you get rid of the Jackie O dress-up party and become a real singer for once?

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Taylor Swift’s obsession with Jackie Kennedy. Is it weird that she’s dating a Kennedy kid and is still obsessing over Jackie?

Editor’s note – Jackie O was stunning – Talyor Swift is FUGLY!

Image Credit: Us Weekly


10 responses to “Taylor Swift Is Delusional: The ‘Singer’ Believes She’s Jackie Kennedy”

  1. Myswiftdream says:

    Hahaha omg I hope this blog gets suspended for its idiotic stupid and lies LIES LIES this is not true what so ever the person that wrote this is probably a little 8 year old with no talent and that’s clearly JEAAALOUSS OK. Call me WHEN YOU HAVE 6 GRAMMYS THE NUMBER 1 PAID CELEBRITY IN THE WORLD AND WHEN YOU HAVE MORE THANN 100 AWARDS AND3 TOPSELLING ALBUMS K BYE HAVE A NICE .. HAVE A NICE TERRIBLE DAY OK

  2. Myswiftdream says:

    I hope you [expletive]

  3. SwiftyForLifee13 says:

    go [expletive] your self [expletive] [expletive] and leave taylor swift alone my idol !!!!

  4. Swift forever says:

    Haha. I’ve never seen an article so ridiculous before. Taylor has no talent? LOL! U mean sb. who wrote this kind of article just to make his or her name has talent?! ALL UR EVER GONNA BE IS MEAN!

  5. Swiftie. says:

    LOL wtf. I cracked up at this. “Taylor Swift has less talent than a crying cupcake” ? What sort of compaarison is that? Maybe cupcakes’ cries sound angelic. Anyways, the day people will actually believe this shit is the day that I’ll have lost faith in humanity.

  6. Emms says:

    Wow. Those lies were pretty pathetic. I’d think the 9 year old who wrote this could have thought of something better. Come back when your making 42$ per secon

  7. Oda says:

    What the hell is this? Taylor has no talent?? Are you really that dumb..

  8. […] the last minute to attend the wedding of Kyle Kennedy, bringing new girlfriend, Taylor, with him. Taylor is obsessed with Jackie Kennedy and what better way to become her alter-ego that to snag a Kennedy? Kathie Lee spoke of the whole […]

  9. Samantha S says:

    I’m not exactly sure how wearing fairly classic pieces and large sunglasses is “turning into” Jackie O. I have a few staples like this in my closet and occasionally sport them with large sunglasses, am not dating a Kennedy, and definitely have no delusions that I’m a famous widow.

  10. Freaks says:

    You all say that the writer of said blog is a 8 or 9 year old but you fan freaks are so narrow mican’ts hat you can’t accept anyone else’s opinion than wha your opinion is on Taylor. Oh and swiftdream youre the one that sounds young or else you wouldn’t have made such a blatant double negative with your idiotic and stupid comment and use some marks next time you want to put someone in their place for disliking something you love. Idiotic, stupid. Easy as that. I love you all. Spread some love not hate. Writer may be a hater of your idol but it doesn’t make you any better by putting writer down. Have a great day