Jenelle Evans Beaten And Choked With A Sheet: Gary Head In Military Prison!

Jenelle Evans Beaten And Choked With A Sheet: Gary Head In Military Prison!

Well we all learned about the weekend of fighting between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her then-fiance Gary Head that left the two behind bars. More details are coming in – Jenelle was arrested for simple assault, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Gary head was arrested for assault on a female and for the same drug charges. It turns out that the controlled substance is a medication Jenelle is prescribed.

The two had been MIA on Twitter this weekend. Gary’s friend Adam tweeted he witnessed an iPhone smashing and he cried a little inside for it. Gary smashed Jenelle’s iPhone. Jenelle is back on Twitter after posting a $500 bond. She also got checked out by a doctor because during the weekend Jenelle called the cops around 3 times she’s and is now claiming Gary Head beat her up really bad and choked her with a sheet.

Gary got out on a $1000 secured bond – much less than most people would get facing charges like this. The reason it was so low is he was released back to the military’s custody – he is royally screwed now. Gary was warned so many times Jenelle would ruin his life. The marine has been in trouble before with the military so I’m sure he will get into trouble for this. This could be a career ending crime on his part.

Guess when Jenelle said she gave up smoking weed she was lying which is nothing new. The Teen Mom 2 star lies a lot.  Jenelle also said her iPhone was smashed and she has a new one coming today so she can tweet her little heart out.  She also says she’s staying single and doing her. I find that hard to believe she’s not the type to stay single so maybe Kieffer Delp will come to her rescue.

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