Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend John Parra Dumps Her After She Refuses Sex

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend John Parra Dumps Her After She Refuses Sex

This is the best thing I’ve heard all day. Farrah Abraham does not have the reputation for most focused, selfless start of MTV’s Teen Mom. She sent her daughter away for a month to focus on school, spent her savings on breast implants, and uses way too much eyeliner (which doesn’t affect her parenting, but it is a fault). Apparently Farrah was in a relationship with Ryan Seacrest’s radio board operator John Parra.

Farrah told the public that John wanted her to make more time for him, and hoped that she would move to LA to be with him. Instead of shipping her baby back to Nebraska (or Ohio or wherever she’s from) and jetting off to party with this guy, she set a boundary!

Farrah was quoted: “I have my values in line and I stick to them,” she says. “I’m happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with a guy who seems controlling and clingy.”

Farrah found that her boyfriend “was upset I wouldn’t kiss him and make more time for him and move to LA.” Still waiting to hear if this guy is twelve-years-old. Because that sounds like shit from junior high pre-teen years.

Farrah concluded with, “I’m ready to find a real partner now.

Unlike before, when she was just using them as holding-hand, long-distance boy toys.

Well, if it means Farrah is being a good mom and staying in school (on top of her new brand of jarred sauces, and her booming music career) than I’m happy!

Will Farrah ever find a real partner?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures