‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Desperate For New Boob Plastic Surgery

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Desperate For New Boob Plastic Surgery

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans is terribly self-conscious about her breasts as they are not only small but also droopy – so she is planning to have her breasts enlarged with breast implant surgery and she wants it done ASAP!

The space cadet can barely keep from being arrested and her life is in total chaos – but her main concern is to get a better bust!  Jenelle thinks that all that stands between her and a great glittery life is her breast size and shape.

Jenelle is hoping to become a ‘C’ cup and is planning her plastic surgery soon – perhaps when she can manage to stay out of court for a couple of weeks?

OK! Print Edition April 9th has the inside scoop:

“When I get new boobs, I’m going to cry – I will be so touched,” Jenelle said in her life video on Stickam.

“It will be like a deaf person being able to hear for the first time.”

“Jenelle is tired of having small breasts,” according to an insider.

“When she was pregnant they went up two cup sizes, but now they’ve shrunk back down to an A-cup, and she’s tired of having to wear padded bras all the time.”

“And it isn’t just the fact that they are small that bothers her, her pregnancy (with Jace) basically turned them droopy, and it makes her incredibly self-conscious.”

“Her boyfriend, Gary Head, says he doesn’t care, but Jenelle’s caught him checking out girls with big breasts,” the insider says.

“And her ex (Kieffer Delp) used to tease her a lot.  When they broke up the last time, he said horrible things about how he couldn’t wait to be with a girl that wasn’t as flat as a board!”

What makes this situation even more absurd is that after ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham has her breast augmentation Jenelle Tweeted:

‘At least I don’t have some fake ass titties.’

What a hypocrite!

Oh well Jenelle – too bad you didn’t get some brain augmentation.  But then of course you wouldn’t be a teen mom, would you now?