Teen Mom Recap: Season 4 Premiere 6/12/12

Teen Mom Recap: Season 4 Premiere 6/12/12

Tonight on MTV is the season 4 premiere of Teen Mom and this will be the last season with the original cast Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell.

MTV claims that the final season will be just as captivating as the previous ones.  They said, “We’re incredibly thankful to these young women for bravely sharing their stories with our audience to help make an impact on teen pregnancy prevention. This season will be an intense rollercoaster as we say goodbye to the cast who started it all — since the first season of ’16 and Pregnant,’ millions have tuned-in to see the difficulties, joys, and sorrows these young mothers have faced.”

With Teen Mom Amber Portwood being sentenced to five years in prison for the second time in six months, it is no surprise that this will be the last season for the original cast.

In tonight’s premiere episode of Teen Mom, Amber prepares to go to rehab; Maci enrolls Bentley in day care; Catelynn and Tyler celebrate Carly’s second birthday; and Farrah has a change of heart about leaving Sophia behind when she moves.

Catelynn and Tyler have an emotional visit with their daughter, Carly; Amber misses her daughter, Leah, during her first weeks of rehab; Farrah says good-bye to her life in Iowa; and a disagreement with Ryan disrupts Maci and Kyle’s relationship.

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the show tonight at 10PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait, hit the comments and let us know what you think about Season 4 of Teen Mom! Are you sad it’s the last season you’ll be together with these hot messes?


Maci, who had her son Bentley when she was only seventeen, is trying hard to focus on her son and school — she wants her college degree. However, she’s taking off the summer to be around Bentley. They tried taking Bentley to daycare, in attempts to socialize him with kids his own age and foster some independence, but he freaked out. Now, Maci and her boyfriend Kyle take him to a swimming lesson — he freaks out when the swim instructor tries to teach him, especially when she goes to touch him. He doesn’t like being separated from those who he’s familiar with. Eventually he warms up to the idea and, with a smile on his face, goes down the water slide all by himself.

Catelynn had a baby at sixteen and she and her boyfriend Tyler gave Carly up for adoption. Tyler and Catelynn meet their adoption counselor Dawn — they discuss the emotional roller coaster they’ve both been through. Catelynn and Tyler are given the chance to meet up with Carly and her adoptive parents in NYC. Tyler recognizes the fact that adoption is a coping process, and that, while a struggle, he and Catelynn continue to handle it better each day. It’s especially hard now since Carly’s birthday is quickly approaching. They got her gifts, etc. which they plan to mail to her.

Farrah’s raising Sophia by herself — her boyfriend died before Sophia was born. She’s planning on moving to Florida and agreed to leave her daughter with her parents while she’s away. Farrah’s mom shows them all Sophia’s new room, which used to be Farrah’s room. Farrah reminisces about Sophia’s father, awkwardly telling her that he used to sneak in at the middle of the night and, at one time, hid in her closet when he heard her grandfather walking down the hall — good story to be telling your lil’ baby nugget *sigh*. She starts to wonder if she can handle leaving Sophia behind while she’s away.

At court today, Amber agrees to take a plea bargain to avoid more jail time. She calls Gary and tells him that she agreed to do the two years probation. She tells him that she will have to go to rehab, which might last somewhere between 30 and 60 days. Amber gets emotional when she talks with her daughter on the phone. She’s worried that her daughter will forget her face while she’s away in rehab.

Catelynn and Tyler awake in bed on the morning of Carly’s birthday. Catelynn says she’s definitely more at peace now than she was two years ago when this whole mess started. The phone rings. Catelynn’s phone rings and it’s her mother. Catelynn tells her mom that she will have a visit with Carly in NYC soon. Tyler comes back with breakfast and they continue discuss how quickly time flies.

Krystal, Amber’s cousin, comes home and she discusses the plea bargain Amber made. Amber tells Krystal that she wants to get back with Gary and be a family again — once she’s done with rehab she wants to get the No Contact Order between them dropped so they can continue to be together. How well do you think that will go? I’m going to venture a guess and say no, but you never know, right?

Maci and Kyle meet with her friend who is a preschool teacher. They talk with her about how Bentley is a lil’ monster when it comes to going to daycare. They ask Bentley if he wants to go to daycare — he says yes, but he also says that he doesn’t want to play with other kids. He has major separation issues.

Farrah goes to see her therapist and they chat about the decision she made to leave her daughter with her parents. Now, Farrah wants to take Sophia with her immediately. She’s second-guessing herself — she wants her daughter, she wants to be a good parent, but she doesn’t want to upset her parents either. She wants to do the right thing.

Gary bathes Leah and changes her. There’s a knock at the door and Carol, Gary’s mom, comes in. He tells her about Amber’s rehab plan.

Tyler and Catelynn call Carly’s adoptive parents so they can wish Carly a happy second birthday. Carly’s new parents say that they are very excited to see Tyler and Catelynn, which I guess is very kind — but I just think it’s awkward. I wonder if they sincerely want to keep this connection alive or if they just want to get their brief minutes of fame on a reality TV show?

Before Farrah tells her mother of her new plans to take Sophie with her, she chats with her sister about the whole situation. When she tells her she definitely understands. Now, Farrah just tries to figure out the best way to break the news to her mother.

Kyle and Maci get ready to take Bentley to daycare.

Amber gets nervous about her rehab program and calls the center. She wonders if she can bring her medication; she also wonders if she can get her own room — because she doesn’t want to get angry, accidentally go off, and then hit someone. I can’t handle this Amber. She’s a big crazy-crazy.

Meanwhile, lovebirds Catelynn and Tyler eat a birthday cake for their daughter Sophia’s birthday. Awkwardly, they sit on the floor with their cake, blow out the single candle, and make a wish. I guess it’s kind of cute — but it kind of makes me want to barf at the same time.

Amber visits Gary at his house and, as soon as she gets there, pours a giant glass of wine. Amber asks Gary if he’ll be dating while she’s away . . . she tells him it’s time to focus, that it will be his job to play the role of both daddy and mommy. She’s stressed out. She goes off on Gary, they get in an argument, and blames everything on Gary. Sipping her wine, leaving Gary alone who’s crying at the table, she walks out the door after saying, “God, I’m such a bad person.” Ya think?

Maci and Kyle drop Bentley off at daycare — or try to drop him off at daycare. Kyle takes Bentley into daycare and he drops him off. He seems to do well. Maci has a hard time with it — she says it’s “hard letting go,” but she knows that it will help him with his future pre school years.

Farrah breaks the news to her parents. They’re disappointed. Michael, who isn’t her real father, is really against the idea, and so is her mother, but ultimately he says that he’ll support her in whatever she needs to do.


Gary is on the phone with the police — he tells them that Amber called him saying that she was going to commit suicide. Next, we see Amber in rehab. She chats with a spiritual therapist, who asks Amber what she’s angry about. Amber tells her that she’s angry about her entire situation . . . she tells her about why she tried to kill herself . . . that she just wanted to be gone. The therapist says that if she really wanted to be gone then she would’ve been gone, but she’s still here, here for a reason.

Catelynn and Tyler chat with Carly’s adoptive parents and they agree to meet for breakfast to plan their NYC trip.

Maci and Kyle try to teach Bentley how ride a bike. He’s a stubborn lil’ nugget. She’s going to talk to a high school about pregnancy prevention, so she calls her ex Ryan to see if he can pick her up from daycare. He gives her guff.

Farrah continues with her transition to Florida. Farrah’s mom is a whole hot mess — extremely emotional. Farrah tells Michael to drive the U-haul to Florida while she stays with her mom for a while. She goes off about how she’s a big girl and how she doesn’t need any help with anything . . . and then she asks Michael, the father figure in her life, to basically move her life to Florida.

Ryan has lunch with friends and rags on Maci.

Farrah continues to pack and Michael helps her. Michael takes off in the U-haul.

Meanwhile, Amber is in rehab. She cries about how she’s not able to talk to her daughter, and finally manages to call her and Gary.

Catelynn and Tyler go to meet Carly.

Amber talks with her grief counselor. Talks about how she buried her problems with pain medication and how she never wants to turn out like her parents . . . she continues to worry that her daughter will forget her.

Farrah leaves for Florida in a couple of days. Her mother takes them all out for a girls night out and continues to guilt trip Farrah.

Amber is boxing at rehab. Umm, I guess this is a good idea for a perpetually angry person?

Maci and Kyle get in a little argument over Ryan. Kyle packs his bags and leave. Maci wants Kyle to come back. She calls him and makes her son leave a message. He drove all the way back to Nashville; he’s straight-up ignoring her calls.

Farrah takes her daughter to go see her father’s gravesite.

Catelynn and Tyler finally meet up with Carly. They show a montage of pictures together — there’s no video footage of her adoptive parents. I take back my previous comment — they clearly don’t want to be on TV.

Amber says she’s been working really hard to get better and has a heartfelt conversation with her case worker. She discusses her detox. She says that she’ll probably have to stay longer than 30 days. Her caseworker says that he will try and get Gary and her daughter out to the facility — he wants her and Gary to undergo therapy.

Farrah and Sophie arrive at the cemetery to visit Derek’s grave. It’s his birthday, and, as she begins talking with him, she gets extremely emotional.

Gary gets a phone call from Amber’s caseworker and the three of them hold a conference call. They all agree to meet.

Kyle finally returned Maci’s call, and he comes over to talk with Maci. They both apologize to each other. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to be like Ryan.

Catelynn and Tyler finish their visit with Carly and her adoptive parents; as the episode ends, they break down and wonder if they made the right decision in giving Carly up for adoption. They know they made the right decision, but it’s just hard for them to deal with. And that’s understandable. Out of all the Teen parents, these two are my favorite. Sure they are young and emotional, but they, ultimately, seem like they are the most mature.

The episode ends in a montage of smiles, kisses, hugs, and sunshine. Awwww . . . warm fuzzies!


What did you think of the special 2-hour season premiere of Teen Mom? We’re looking forward to seeing how everything shapes up for the moms, so make sure to come back and watch with us next week!