The Amazing Race Season 20 Finale HUGE Spoiler

The Amazing Race Season 20 Finale HUGE Spoiler

The Amazing Race Season 20 is just about over and I couldn’t be more pleased that my favourite team, Brendon and Rachel R. are still in the race. After racing across 5 continents and 22 cities, this Sunday is going to bring a knock down, drag out season finale like no other when, for the first time ever, the finish line is not the end of the race – in a two hour special.

On last week’s episode, Dave and Rachel bribed a ferry worker to take off quickly so that Brendon and Rachel R. could not get on. While the ferry was departing, Rachel sarcastically waved to Brenchel on the shore and this did not sit well with Dave, he said “at this point with six victories and no other team that really presents themselves as a threat to us there is absolutely no reason to rub it in their face. You should focus on the prize and the objective, which is seeking out Phil and don’t look behind you and wave to that team that we completely took over their chances of coming in first place. I pride myself on being a good sport and competitive and aggressive, yet appreciate the other teams and the threats and the challenges that they have to face.” Dave is right, it was very bad sportsmanship for Vanessa to do that and personally, I hope that karma bites her in the ass and the bitch loses.

This week, tempers flare when all the teams get on a limousine bus from Hiroshima Airport and Bendon and Rachel R. miss it, but this does not seem to be an issue because they catch up with the other teams later on. Then the “drama queen” Vanessa, believes she is going to die in one of the tasks. Rachel gets pissed with Dave and an argument ensues where he tells her that “silence is golden” and she tells him to then “shut the f*ck up”.

In Japan, one of the challenges is absolutely ridiculous where the team’s track skills are tested when they have to participate in a Japanese game show by grabbing rubber chickens.

In addition, there is an eating task that involves some sort of sushi bingo or roulette. The race ends in Hawaii where teams hit the water and the waves to put their rescue mission skills to the maximum test.

The Amazing Race has one #1 rule, “read the entire clue” and at the pit stop, this rule will take on a whole new meaning when a colossal mistake could cost one team a million dollars. It appears that one team does not finish the roadblock and must return there and complete it, before they can be checked in at the finish line with Phil.

My guess is that a team accidentally stumbles across the finish line and didn’t even go to the roadblock, perhaps accidentally, or on purpose and thought they would get away with it. In lot of seasons, the roadblock is in the final leg and comes just after the detour.  It’s actually usually just before the finish line.

Now, if you were to look at the promo clip from the finish line, take a good look at Kerri’s face; whoever arrived first and has to go back to the roadblock, made Kerri have a “hilarious” look on her face, she almost has a look of “the cat that swallowed the canary”. Now, it wouldn’t be Brendon and Rachel R. because they were best friends with Kerri on the race, my guess is that it is Vanessa and Ralph because Kerri disliked them for their fighting with Brendon and Rachel R. all the time, as well, Ralph once blocked Kerri on a plane from getting down an aisle.

I’ve got just one thing to say, GO Brenchel GO!

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