The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 6 Wrap-Up

The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 6 Wrap-Up

Last night a whole new episode of The Biggest Loser aired, the sixth episode of season 13 and we recapped the episode.   Tonight’s show was all about drama, drama and more drama.  We have a wrap-up and some observations of the show and some questions.

Tonight’s show basically started off where it left off last week after Nancy (G-Ma) was voted off.  The contestants tried to console Cassandra (her grand-daughter) and Adrian decided to pipe up and tell Cassandra he did not vote her grandmother off and warned her to be careful of who she trusted.   The guy really knew how to make friends, not!  All Adrian succeeded in doing was make the red team dislike him more.  Do you think Adrian’s comments to Cassandra were appropriate?

Conda complained, complained and complained some more this week.  Dolvett actually made a list of 13 complaints she made during the workout when he was not there.  Lucky for Conda the team forgot all her complaining because Adrian – rather than stay quiet and in the background just kept irritating the heck out of the red team. ughh do you want to strangle Conda as much as I do?

My husband Jody thinks Adrian got the boot because he sandbagged – ‘played the game’– last week and lost the trust of the red team.  When he lost only 2 pounds and then went on ad nauseum about his great devotion to Nancy his whole act stunk.  Even worse he acted like an arrogant jerk with an obnoxious attitude.  Now this week all of a sudden, and with no trainer, he loses 9 pounds – scam artist!  Did you think he deserved to get dumped –  I know I did.  He completely lacked diplomacy – with a different attitude he could have survived.

I disagree with Jody I think if Adrian was playing the game he would have kept his mouth shut and stayed more in the background.  Calling out his team really did him no favors.  Which one of us do you agree with?

Adrian’s exit off the show was one of the best I have ever seen.  He did not take it sitting down.  He didn’t wish his former teammates luck or even say goodbye.  He resented the fact that he wasn’t given a chance in the game and he didn’t hide it.   What did you think of Adrian’s exit.

But Conda is sooo disgusting – and now Adrian’s sister Daphne is going to tear a piece off her – you just know it!  What do you think of Conda’s incessant whining and bitching?  If she wins this season it will be a freaking miracle.  We saw in the preview of next week’s episode that Adrian and Conda are mixing it up – and I know who I’m rooting for!

What did you think of the show tonight? Sound out in the comments and let us know!

3 responses to “The Biggest Loser Season 13 Episode 6 Wrap-Up”

  1. I agree with you. Adrian busted his @$$ to get back on the show. Remember everyone thought that it was unfair that they were given a chance to return. They don’t make the EFFIN’ rules! They’ve watched the damn show over the years. People are given a chance to return every EFFIN’ season! Happened in season 12, right? When he chose the Red Team they immediately shunned him. Remember when they asked him how he lost the weight he honestly told them how and then they accused him of “bragging”.

    What’s amazing is how the rest of the Red Team is letting “AnaConda” control them… She’s the real leader of the group. Not Kim. Not Mark. Not Buddy. Not Kim. Not Roy. I’m really shocked that Mark, the 43 year old “Youth Pastor”, is content with the childish antics of Conda. He’s quite pathetic.

  2. Jk says:

    I think Adrian got defensive because they were all so hostile to him
    from the minute he came back in. Conda is a total b-tch and trouble
    maker, she needs to go.

    I hate her, I really hate her. The red team is shameful. No one stood up
    or even tried to be nice to Adrian. I find the people this time so
    unappealing. I am going to quit watching season 13, and hope for a
    better group next time.

    This the worst group in general ever.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely right – I really do not like Conda at all she is repulsive and when she strarts running off her mouth I just want to strangle her. She is suppose to be there to lose weight. I would think the producers would take her aside and talk to her. BUT, I guess they think the drama is great TV – they are Wrong!!!! I felt bad for Adrian – I agree with you the whole red team is pretty yukky!!!!