The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Episode 7, 4/1/12

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Episode 7, 4/1/12

The Celebrity Apprentice returns tonight to NBC with a whole new episode which is a three hour special.  Stand by as we live blog the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details.  On last week’s show the celebrities hosted crystal light parties.  The project managers for the task were Aubrey O’Day and Clay Aikins.  The men’s team won with their Beach Party and Patricia Velasquez was sent home.  If you missed the episode you can read our full recap here!

On tonight’s special three-hour episode, the teams take on two tasks, and two Celebrities are fired. It all begins when Mr. Trump tasks the teams with creating and selling a Celebrity guidebook on New York City. With a big bonus on the line, special guest Regis Philbin judges the teams’ books. Despite the added incentive, one Project Manager neglects the quality of their book, while the other team struggles just to get theirs completed in time. An explosive boardroom leads to another Celebrity being fired.

The evening continues, as the teams create an interactive health segment for Walgreens. Before the Celebrities can even begin their task, Mr. Trump switches up the teams. One Project Manager struggles to maintain control of an insubordinate teammate, while the other team tries to complete the task with a Celebrity missing. Before anyone is even fired, Mr. Trump witnesses one of the season’s biggest Boardroom battles, resulting in one Celebrity going AWOL.

We will be live blogging the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details at 8PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.   Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info!  While you wait for the episode you can catch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode HERE!

Tonight’s show opens with Aubrey saying that Dayana is the weakest link and she needs to go. Meanwhile Dayana is upset that Patricia got voted out last week. Debbie thinks her team is not unified and they are just out to get each other.

Clay visits the National Inclusion Project, an organization that he helped start about eight years ago and his charity. He gives them two cheques, one for $20,000.00 and another for $30,000.00.

Donald meets with the celebs and tells them they will be creating and selling a Celebrity guidebook on New York City. Theresa is the Project Manager for the women and Dee is the Project Manager for the men. The team that sells the most books will get a bonus from Toshiba, plus all the money from both teams’ sales of the book.

The women get right into it, but Aubrey is strangely quiet. The men start strategizing, but Clay is not happy in the direction Penn is convincing Dee to go into.

Debbie has already raises $17,500 to help this task. Meanwhile, Aubrey is frustrated working with Theresa and Dayana. The women have split up around the city and are taking pictures of each other for the guidebook.

The men are on top of Trump tower, taking pictures of the each other with the New York city skyline in the background.

Debbie tries to get Theresa, Dayana and Aubrey to get back because the graphic designer is arriving, but they want to go to three more places and take pictures. They finally arrive back an hour and a half too late. Debbie asks if they are doing signage for this task, Theresa never thought of it. On the other hand, Theresa feels like Debbie is trying to set her up and she doesn’t take that lightly.

Penn offers to Dee, The Blue Man Group to help raise money. The rest of the guys scramble and try to raise funds. Arsenio is at a lost, he says that bot being a talk show host anymore, nobody wants to help him. He finally calls Jay Leno who tells him that he is sending him a blank cheque in the morning, but tells him not to go crazy with it.

The women are arguing again, this time it is Dayana and Lisa. Dayana wants to put subway directions in the guide and Lisa doesn’t want it added. Lisa is extremely rude and honestly looks like she is going to hit Dayana.

The men have their guide books ready to sell and are on the streets of New York. Dee is worried that some of the men are selling the book for five dollars, he is really looking for the big doners. Michael Andretti is there to help the men, he brings a cheque for $20,000.00 to help the men. Lour gets another $25,000.00. Dee gets $15,000.00. Arsenio’s money hasn’t come in, the cheque from Leno is lost somewhere in transit.

Meanwhile, the women are on the streets selling their books and not having that much luck. Then a fan gives $8000.00 from Canada, more significant donations start to come in. Theresa’s big doners haven’t come in yet and she is starting to get nervous.

The men have The Blue Man Group who have just arrives with Teller just behind them with a $20,000.00 donation. The group bursts two balloons and money comes flying out of them, people are on the ground trying to steal the money. The men have no idea what percentage they were able to collect and Clay is extremely upset, this was Penn’s idea and was clearly a stupid one. Dayana brings in $17,500.00 to help the charity, so does Theresa’s husband from their friends and it amounts to $20,000.00.

There is 60 seconds left to collect money for the guidebooks and Arsenio’s money is stuck in traffic. Dee is not impressed with Arsenio, but clearly it was not his fault.

Regis meets with Trump, he has looked at both books and is going to give him his opinion on who has the best book. Regis is really having a tough time choosing the winner, he loves the men’s cover and the fact that they photographed themselves in the New York skyline, but the women added some personal touches that he liked as well.

In the boardroom, Trump asks Aubry how Dayana did this week. She tells him that there was a huge fight with Lisa. Lisa then tells Trump about the subway directions that Dayana wanted to put in. The claws come out and both Lisa and Dayana go for it right in front of Trump. Lisa goes on to say that she and Aubrey do all the work and that Lisa drives the team. Debbie explains that everyone just needs to be a little more proactive, she blames Theresa for having a lack of organization. Now, Theresa and Debbie are into a screaming match. Ivanka asks Theresa who should be fired and she says either Dayana or Debbie. Theresa goes on to tell Debbie that she is not professional, look at what she is wearing, ouch!

Trump tells the celebs that Regis Philbin looked at both books and choose the women’s book as his favorite. The women get a $35,000.00 start to winning the task because Toshiba gives them that prize for having won the best book from Regis.

Penn tells Trump about the money they lost when the balloons burst. Clay thought it was a terrible idea because they lost a lot of money. Dee tells Trump that Aresenio brought in the least amount of money because his cheque from Leno never came in. Trump tells everyone that the difference that they collected between the men and women is $14.00. It is time to find out who won, the women raised $127,855.00, plus the $35,000.00 Toshiba, for a total of $162,855.00.

The men collected $162,869.00, the men won by $14.00. Dee wins all the money for his charity, The March of Dimes who he has been working with for twelve years, the total amount is $326,000.00. As a group, the men and women have collected over one million dollars for charity.

Ivanka figures out that Lisa wrote the book and raised the most money. Theresa tells Trump that Aubrey raised the least amount of money, $20,000.00. Theresa feels like she had to babysit Debbie with the printing. Theresa explains to Trump that she delegated and if they didn’t listen to her, not her problem. Debbie comes to her own defence and tells Trump that she and Aubrey came up with the visual, Theresa never thought to do it. Debbie tells Trump that he should fire Theresa because Lisa out fund raised her, as well the whole task was unorganized but in the end, she feels Dayana is the weakest link. Dayana tries to speak up for herself and Lisa keeps interrupting her. Trump asks Dayana who is the weakest player, she says Aubrey in this task because she brought in the least amount of money.

It’s time for Theresa to pick two people to bring back into the boardroom, no surprise that she picks Dayana and Debbie. Trump tells the men to turn off the television.

Theresa tells Trump that Dayana brought in more money than Debbie in this task. This is the third time that Dayana is brought back in the boardroom, but she has delivered with raising money. Theresa starts telling Trump that Debbie is trying to set her up. Theresa keeps going on and on about her having to babysit Debbie, but Debbie tells Trump that there was no direction from Theresa and she was the Project Manager. Trump asks Theresa to tell him why he shouldn’t fire her, she says something stupid..because she works hand in hand with Lisa. Debbie tells Trump that Dayana should not be in the boardroom tonight, the task was about raising money and Aubrey raised the least amount of money. Trump sees how Theresa and Debbie are going back and forth at each other and Dayana is enjoying it. Trump tells Theresa that she should have brought Aubrey back in the boardroom and since Debbie brought the least amount between Dayana, Theresa and herself, Debbie is fired. Debbie leaves with her head up high, she asks Theresa for a hug and Theresa ignores her. What a bitch!

Meanwhile, Aubrey and Dee get into a fight, Arsenio knows she is a trouble maker and wants nothing to do with her. Lisa tells Aubrey to stop, they are already fighting on the women’s team and the men don’t want it on their team. Dayana and Theresa walk back in with the rest of the celebs and Dayana tells them that Debbie brought in the less amount of money amongst the three, therefore she went home.

Dee is at a hospital to meet with the people from The March of Dimes, he presents them with a cheque for $325,000.00 and loves to give back.

The celebs are back to meet with Trump, he tells the women they have lost five out of seven tasks and he is now going to switch up the teams. He sends Theresa and Aubry to the men and Lou, Penn and Dee with the remainder of the women. Lou says he has been married for 25 years, so he can tolerate the women. They are at the east 64th recreation centre where people work out. Trump is with the executives from Walgreens, the largest drug store in America and they want to encourage people to walk 30 minutes a day, online program to track their progress online and interactive with other people.

Their task will be to create a new design for the “Walk With Walgreens” campaign, it is membership program. Alison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser will be the judge and decide which team wins.

Lou volunteers to be the Project Manager and so does Arsenio for his team. The winning Project Manager will win $20,000.00 for this task and Walgreens will donate an additional $30,000.00.

Lou and his team meet with the Walgreens executives who again remind them that they will create a new design for their “Walk with Walgreens” membership program.

One her team, Aubrey gets right into action and tries to give her ideas, Arsenio tells her it is best to listen to the executives first before they come up with their ideas. During the meeting, Aubrey takes the lead and doesn’t let Arsenio say very much which really pisses him off.

Penn is really liking Dayana on their team, Lisa on the other hand loves Penn but is not too fond of Lou. Penn is really concerned that Lou wants to be the host and tries to cut him down but Lou won’t back down this time.

Arsenio’s team is going with a ‘game show’ theme and Aubrey is still talking and talking, and talking. She tells Arsenio that he could be the person that took a walk away from the industry for a while and Arsenio knows she meant it as a dis. Wow, this bitch fights with everyone. Aubrey decides that all the celebs are going to get their pictures taking in the Walgreens store, so they head on down to get their photos taken. Arsenio asks to see the photos and Aubrey says she is not showing them to him because he is crazy.

On Luo’s team, Penn has a work commitment and has to leave. Dee takes over the graphic part of the task but Dayana thinks it is too safe. Trump’s son, Donald Jr. stops by for a visit and clearly sees that Dayana is an asset to the team and not as useless as everyone thought she was. In the background Lisa is fuming and thinking they are all delusional to think that Dayana could be an asset to any team.

On Arsenio’s team, he doesn’t like his photo on the product. Clay is watching on, seeing Aubrey take over without permission and doesn’t like it. Trump’s other son, Eric arrives to see how things are doing, he is surprised to see Aubrey take over the task. All of sudden, she Aubrey says with a smirk, “Am I taking over?” and Arsenio says YES.

On the way to the studio, Lisa comes up with their slogan, “Walk and Do It All”. They are start practicing and Lisa is worried that Lou will go off track and she looks like she is going to have a nervous breakdown.

Meanwhile, Aubrey has come up with all the quotes and Arsenio wants to add his own quote, which doesn’t sit well with Aubrey who wants to be the one to choose them all. Arsenio also wants to choose his own photo for the promo and Aubrey constantly underminds him.

Lisa is alone with Dee, she tells him that Dayana didn’t add anything and Dee doesn’t feel the same way.

Dee is pleased because he feels Penn is a team player he was gone but came back and helped with the task even though he only had one hour sleep.

The talks is being judged by Alison Sweeny and Walgreen.

Lou comes in to talk about the Wallgreen program and he talks about his own injuries and how he came back and he stuck to the scrip and Lisa was happy.  Pen comes up after his speech and he is part of the act.  Dayana comes in – and then Penn is talking and he missays Walgreens and everyone gets upset.  Dayana comes in and fixes the mistake.  Dee is pleased she was able to help.  Lou feels very confident that he pulled it off.  They are all pleased that Dayana stepped in and saved the day when Penn made his oops and said the name wrong.

The executives loved how Lou gave the inspirational speech – they felt he did a great job as the leader.

Arsenio is excited this is for his charity and his team is excited to go to presentation.  They are setting up a game show.  They start the game and Paul is the first contestant – he spins the wheel to get a question.  Paul answer the question and adds to it a personal story about how walking benefited him and he is a living testiment.

Aubrey is the second one up, then Teresa is up – they end their game there.  Arsenio feels as a project manager he dealt with the worse you have to – dealing with Aubrey’s bullsh*!

The execs think they did a great job and it was information but they are not sure that anyone really understood the program.

Boardroom – Lou thinks they did a great job – Lisa does not think that Lou did a great job and she thinks he depended on her too much.  Donald asks if Penn agrees with Lisa or Lou and Penn tells Donald he was not there.

Donald asks Arsenio how he liked having Teresa and Aubrey on his team.  Clay says Arsenio is a great project manager.  Clay feels Teresa was the better team member.  Eric asks if Aubrey was overbearing.  Arsenio tells them managing Aubrey you have to customize your style with her.   Donald asks Aubrey how she feels about what Clay said.  Clay clarifies what he said he did not say she was not a team player he said she goes ahead without approval sometime and goes to fast.

Donald gives each team the box to look at Lou’s team’s box that it is cool.  Aubrey takes credited for the box and Arsenio lets her have it.

The execs liked Arsenio’s teams box but they hated the game show.  Aubrey tells Donald that one of the men decided to do a game show.  Arsenio tells Donald that it was very difficult to deal with Aubrey’s ego.  Clay agrees that Arsenio had to spend a lot of time massaging Aubrey’s ego.  Aubrey is upset so the next thing that starts is tears.  Arsenio says that Aubrey is very selfish.  Donald asks Aubrey if she likes Arsenio and she says not.  Arsenio say he has to kiss Aubrey’s ass for her to like him.  Donald asks who Arsenio would fire if he had to fire someone – he says Aubrey.  Paul agrees Aubrey.  Clay says Aubrey is not a team player and he would fire her.

The executives loved Lou’s speak.  The negative was Penn said a competitor’s name instead of Wallgreen and that was a big no no.

Joe, Mark and Alison Sweeney loved both teams, but at the end of the day they loved the job Arsenio did and the men’s team WON!  Arsenio’s charity is the Magic Johnson charity and Arsenio is really moved while Aubrey looks totally pissed off.  As Arsenio’s team leaves to go to watch the boardroom happenings – Aubrey leaves.

Lou’s team loses and someone will be fired.

Lou is surprised he felt they did a great job. Donald asks Lou if she should be fired, Lou says no he could not do a better job.  Penn says he gave 110% and should not be fire.  They asked who should be fire and Lou says Dee because Dee was obsessed with Dayana.  Dee defends himself and says he worked his butt off and he designed the butt.  Dee feels Lou should be fired because he was the project manager.

Donald Jr. says that is difficult because Lou was the only person the executives liked.  Lisa would bring Lou and Dayana into the boardroom.  Lisa says that Lou and Dayana’s version of 110% is her 50%.

Lou does not feel he should be fired.  Lou is bringing Dee and Dayana back.  He is not bringing Penn back even though he made a mistake because he was a great team player.

Arsenio is upset because Aubrey did not come back into the war room.  Arsenio is furious at Aubrey – he is just furious and as Clay says once Arsenio gets mad it is like a dam has broken.  Teresa felt Arsenio is scarey.

Back in the boardroom Lou, Dee and Dayana is there.  Donald is confused why Dayana is always taken back to the boardroom.  Dee tells Donald that Lou cannot survive without someone to help him.  Donald feels Dayana should really not be in the boardroom it should be Penn.  Dee insists that Lou should be fired but Donald keeps saying the one thing that the execs liked about the task is Lou.

Dee says he is a fan of Lou he is a great man – but he has a chip on his shoulder.   Donald says at the end of the day this was about presentation and box.  The execs liked the presentation which Lou did and they hated the box that Dee did so DEE IS FIRED!