The Choice 2012 Recap 7/5/12: Season 1 Episode 5

The Choice 2012 Season 1 Episode 5 Recap 7/5/12

Tonight on NBC is an all new episode of “The Choice.”  On tonight’s show a new group of celebrities will try to find love. If you missed last week’s episode of the new dating show, we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last week’s episode hosted by “So You Think You Can Dance'”s Cat Deeley – for the first time competitors were women;  model and actress Carmen Electra, Australian model and actress Sophie Monk, one of Playboy’s hottest models Hope Dworaczyk and 2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih.

Each girl got to choose three men, only on what they said. Each man had 30 seconds to convince them to choose him. The women first choose three, Hope was the last celebrity to have only two guys, so she got to have a choice of, Joe and Hermoz to charm her. Hope picked Hermoz because Joe worked for Victoria Secret and she didn’t want a guy that knows more about lingerie than her.

The final choices were; Hope picked Brandt, Sophie picked Shane, Rima picked Andrew and Carmen picked Christopher.

You can see how exciting the show is and tonight it gets even better when the competitors tonight include celebrity men; Reality star Rob Kardashian, comedian Finesse Mitchell, NFL star Rob Gronkowski and Olympic medalist Steven Lopez.

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait hit the comments and let us know what you think of the first season of “The Choice” so far!

RECAP: Tonight our bachelors are going to hear from a number of single ladies. Time to turn the chairs, here is the first girl.

Elle is a professional cheerleader that loves sports. Finesse wants her to pick him because they would have cute babies. She picks Rob.G.

Diana is next, she is a tall curvy blond and has a degree, claims she is down to earth. Steven and Finesse turn around, she picks Steven.

Princess comes on stage with her adorable little chihuahua and she says the guy she chooses has to love her dog too.  Nobody turns around and Finesse says he didn’t turn around because he’s allergic to small dogs. When Princess turns around and walks away, Finesse changes his mind but its too late.

Brittany tells the men to expect nothing but excellence, she loves being wicked and doesn’t wear makeup; she has beauty and brains.

Marjan is originally from London, England and she’s Persian. Rob and Steven turn around, she picks Rob because he’s Romanian.

Neilda says she is a global goddess, she graduated from UCLA and is very artistic. Steven turned around because she was artistic, Finesse could feel her intelligence and beauty. Neilda picks Finesse and he’s thrilled, gets up for a hug.

Monique thinks she looks like Megan Fox and just moved to Los Angeles to become a super model. Steven thinks she is beautiful and elegant, he gets her in his dating pool.

Angelica says she is kind and innocent, loves to cook, loves children and is still a virgin. Steven says a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, she picks him and calls Rob G. a jock.

Cassandra is a dancer and says she is wicked awesome, loves dancing and video games. Finesse turned around, so she is in his dating pool.

Kayla is from Kentucky, she loves Jesus and football. Finessee and Rob turns around, Rob says Jesus told him to turn around at the last minute. Kayla gets to decide, she picks Rob.

Myrna doesn’t even have to talk and all the guys turn around based on the audience cheering for her. Finesse says he loves Asian women and her energy. Rob tells her to pick the football dude. Myrna chooses Rob G.

Kelly can drink beer and hang out with the guys. Rob and Finesse both turn around, she picks Rob.

Finesse is the only one that has two women in his dating pool. she he chooses between two women; Matilda is smart, hot and tall from eastern Europe. Atira is a security guard and an adopted five year old. Finesse picks Matlida.

The final three choices for each celebrity are: Finesse; Niela, Cassandra and Matilda. Rob G; Elle, Brittany and Myrna. Steven; Monique, Diana and Angelica. Rob: Marjan, Kayla and Kelly.

Time for the speed round, one girl from each guy’s dating pool will be sent home. Finesse sends home Matilda. Rob G. sends home Brittany because she talks to much. Steven send home Monique. Rob sends home Marjan.

It’s the final choice round, the guys ask their ladies a question, Rob asks, “what family member do you have a special bond with.” Kayla says her mom because she was a mother first and then a friend. Kelly also says her mom, because she has taught her to be the women that she is.

Rob decides, he picks Kayla.

It’s time for Steven to ask his question, “what are you disciplined about in your life.” Diana says that she takes good advice and gives it as well. Jennifer says law school and doesn’t like to do things in excess.

Steven decides, he picks Jennifer.

Rob G. is ready, his question is “what could you set a record in”. Elle says in being the most confident women out there. Myrna says in making him happy, she always smiles and lives life to the fullest.

Rob G. decides, he picks Elle.

Finesse’s ladies are last, his question is “what’s the best advice you have been given for successful relationship”. Niela says to look at a person for who they are without their money. Cassandra says make sure the person loves you for you.

Finesse decides, he picks Niela.

That’s it for tonight, sound off your comments below and tell us what you thought about tonight’s show.