The Endless Twitter Wars Of Jenelle Evans And The Cast Of ‘Teen Mom 2’

The Endless Twitter Wars Of Jenelle Evans And The Cast Of ‘Teen Mom 2’

For a brief time yesterday morning, it looked as if Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and her ex-boyfriend, Gary Head, might be reconciling their differences again.  But then Gary tweeted Jenelle’s friend and roommate, Allison Lester, “Tell mean ass to wake up!!!” after exchanging friendly words with her about a video Jenelle had sent him the night before.

Fans caught on to this, and one asked him how long it would be before he is back with Jenelle again, to which Gary replied, “No telling.”

Later in the day, however, Gary seemed to be growing frustrated by his inability to reach Jenelle. “Wish someone would text me,” he tweeted Allison, who offered no help.

Two hours later, he seemed to lose hope and tweeted, “Getting tired,” and “I’m done, and tweeted a friend, “I’m so aggravated right now.”

Less than an hour later, Jenelle’s ex-boss, James Duffy, tweeted Gary, inquiring about Kieffer Delp’s whereabouts, to which he replied, “Last I heard of Kieffer he was at Jenelle’s Monday. Shit he might still be there for all I know. She hasn’t talked to me today.

Kieffer’s ex-girlfriend, Dani, then joined in on the conversation and expressed her disgust about the whole matter, only be replied to by a surprise tweet from a user who claimed to be Kieffer who called her a “groupie” and essentially told her to mind her own business.

Naturally, this angered Dani, who fired back with a series of tweets, including, “How can I b a groupie when the person who is calling me one was the irrelevant joke on the show. It’s called Teen Mom not no life lame.”

That user has since been proven to be a fake-Kieffer, as in someone who was impersonating him, although Dani says the real Kieffer has since blocked her on Facebook.

Kieffer’s exact whereabouts are currently unknown, although James Duffy says Kieffer is staying at a friend’s house for the time being, not Jenelle’s. He also says that Kieffer will be coming to work for him at his shop.

Meanwhile, after just one day, Gary claims to have completely and miraculously moved on and says, “I gave up on her so I really don’t care who she is with.”

Yeah, sure Gary, whatever you say.

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