The Smart Money Says Kate Middleton Is Already Pregnant

The Smart Money Says Kate Middleton Is Already Pregnant

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently enjoyed a skiing holiday together in Switzerland while away the odds in the United Kingdom that Kate is now pregnant improved!  It seems that in the United Kingdom where legalized gambling is widespread, people were hurrying to bookmakers to place bets that Kate will announce her pregnancy this year.  The odds are even higher that Kate will announce her pregnancy this year – in 2012 – than next year in 2013.

Prince William should not be allowed to wager on the proposition that Kate will get pregnant this year as it seems that he would have inside knowledge and too much control over the outcome!  Of course in the case of a royal pregnancy that will deliver an heir to the British throne people might be wagering for sentimental reasons.

Agents have cut odds to reflect around 8/11 that we’ll see a new prince or princess by the end of 2012, with previous odds of 6/4 offered.

Speaking for one major agency Ken Robertson said:

“We saw a great deal of money two weeks ago when the price was 7/4. Usually you’d just get a few ten or twenty quid bets on something like this, so when you see people coming in and having a hundred quid – and there were plenty of hundreds and lots of fifties in a tight time square – then you sit up and take notice. But since we came into 8/11, it has been quieter.”

Another spokesman, Alex Donahue also commented on the shortened Kate Middleton pregnancy odds and said:

 “In short, the odds have changed by about 15%.  It’s not a fortune being staked, but the amounts are enough to raise eyebrows in a market like this.”

Asked if he believed Kate was pregnant, Donahue said: “I wouldn’t have an idea, but the money isn’t usually far wrong.”

Do you think that Kate will get pregnant soon? Are you excited to see an addition to the royal family? Let us know in the comments below.

2 responses to “The Smart Money Says Kate Middleton Is Already Pregnant”

  1. Wan Grace says:

    If I were Kate Middleton, I will wait for the chance. You can’t rush or else born a child will be unhealthy. The Queen only excepts the real royal family child, no except outside people child adoption. She also except adoption if the first two real royal family child born. Kate Middleton really wish to have a family and child; however first of all think about make family is not very easy when you must have lots of responsibility and except it will be tough and get harder to raise the children.

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