Too Much Sex Caused Terrell Owens’ Financial Crisis

Too Much Sex Caused Terrell Owens’ Financial Crisis

Terrell Owens is in denial about his current financial crisis but less sex and more planning could have avoided helped the sports celeb avoid the problem.  Trouble!  I’m just going to go straight in to it because chicas’ we have a lot to talk about.  Former NFL player and VH1 show star of the ‘T.O. Show’, Terrell Owens’ financial crisis is bad and getting worse.

Earlier this month he appeared on the TV show Dr. Phil with three (there are 4) of his ex’s who have a child by him – Oh God! What was he thinking by going!  Well he said that he used to pay more than $45,000 a month and a little more in child support but is having difficulties now due to his recent financial set back, which the women were blasting him about (greedy whores!).

Now I’m not a rocket scientist but that amount of money divided between four women is still a lot of money, they should still have money saved if they were smart.

That being said let me move on to his Sunny Isles Beach condo in Florida which is about to be foreclosed on.  Deutsche Bank is starting foreclosure proceedings, because he owes more than $1 million dollars on the property and has not made his monthly payments of $5,126 dollars since last November.

He is also allegedly looking at a foreclosure on his two other properties in Dallas as well. Now I know he did have to sit out a season due to an injury, but this is a prime example of checking on your financial advisors periodically, because there is no reason for a player that has played on major teams for 14 seasons to be in this situation.

Of course he is riding on the sea of denial regarding the whole foreclosure thing.  He himself even made to mention that he was in financial trouble while filming his reality show the, “T.O. Show”, I saw it myself.

TO you are not a bad person bobocito I think you just had some bad financial advisors and that can happen to anyone, look the only thing you can do is keep your head up.  Keep appearing on TV shows like you’ve been doing I think you could have a career in acting, who knows!

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