‘True Blood’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 ‘Hopeless’ 7/15/12

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 'Hopeless' 7/15/12

Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of True Blood called ‘Hopeless’. On tonight’s show the aftermath at the asylum leaves Sookie with an eerie sense of foreboding. At Fangtasia, Pam breaks up a vamp-girl fight, praising Tara for her tenacity. If you missed last week’s show called “Let’s Boot and Rally” we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 5 episode 6 episode of HBO’s “True Blood”.

On last week’s episode Bill and Eric got Sookie to help them look for Russell. Meanwhile, Molly a worker or The Vampire Authority call the boys and let them know their iStakes are ready to kill them at dawn. Talk about pressure! Their search finally led them to a hospital/asylum where they found a lot of dead bodies and finally, Russell. When Russell see Bill, Eric, Alcide and Sookie he asks them “What took you so long.” Good old Russell, he never disappoints!

Official HBO synopsis of tonight’s episode ‘Hopeless’:  The aftermath at the asylum has Sookie filled with dread. The Authority retrieve Bill and Eric. Pam gets involved when Tara’s actions lead to a fight. After receiving an alarming message from Jesus, Ruby Jean gets a visit from Lafayette. Terry thinks a curse is to blame for his predicament. Sam lends Andy a hand with an investigation. Alcide faces up to J.D. Roman reveals his plans to take out Russell.

On tonight’s show Russell is back, finally, and you know that he is going to bring a lot of drama for Sookie and everyone else.  We quickly find out that Russell is not exactly incapacitated since he manages to get up and threaten Sookie.  Russell tells Sookie she is, “Just what the doctor ordered, my tree fairy.”

It looks like Eric still loves Sookie.  As a matter of fact in one of tonight’s previews we see Eric glamorizing Alcide.  Eric tell Alcide he is Sookie’s protector and must protect her with his life.  LOL, of course Eric does not stop there he tells Alcide, “He will also keep his hands off Sookie, she kinda disgusts him.”  Under Eric’s glamouring, he agrees.  We all know glamouring is not suppose to be used for that last part, but when has Eric ever followed the rules?

'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 'Hopeless' 7/15/12

In another clip for tonight’s show Jason’s father comes to him in his dream and he promises to find the vampire who destroyed their family.  He says, I swear to God and to you both, I will find the vampire that killed you and I will make them pay for what they did to our family.” His father responds, “The only thing you have to fear is…..” and then Jason wakes up!


It looks like there is still a spark going on between Jessica and Hoyt.  Could there still be a possibility of romance between the two?  There seems to be some serious tension going on between them.  Hoyt taunts Jessica and tells her she still cares for him.  He asks her if she wants to glamorize him and do depraved things with him.  Later we see Tara and Jessica facing off in a fight.  I wonder if the fight is about Hoyt?


Tonight’s episode is going to be an exciting one, that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage HBO’s True Blood tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of True Blood season 5, so far!

Tonight’s recap:  The show opens tonight as every week with a preview of last week and then we jump right into tonight’s episode.    We start off right where we left off and a wolf is dragging Alcide out as Russell smiles in delight.  Russell jumps up and goes to bite Sookie and she uses one of her fairy bolts of light and knocks Russell into the wall.  He tells her that is one of the things he does not like about her.

Eric grabs Russell and goes to kill him and Bill stops him and tells him if Russell dies they both die.  The Vampire Authority walks  in and tells the boys that they will take over from here.

Jessica and Tara are beating the crap out of each other at Fangtasia and Pam breaks the fight up.  Pam grabs Tara by the air and drags her away.    She tells Tara she works at Fangtasia and it is Pam’s fight.  She tells Tara she did good out their and made her proud, like a human is proud of a well trained dog, nothing more!

Patrick and Terry see the fire monster come out of the bunker where their fellow solider was.  Terry tells him Teller was right and they run.

Russell is handcuffed and he tells Kibwe (Member of Vampire Authority) that when he is restored he will destroy them.  He tells them there is no such thing as Lilith and they might as well be praying to a leprechaun.

Sookie explains why they are there – they followed Doug.  The Vampire Authority council member tells Bill that the people who came with him to find Russell know too much.  Bill says he will glamor them and he tells them to do it.

Bill is going to glamor Sookie and Eric Alcide.   Bill tells Sookie that she is not to remember anything o the night.  Kibwe goes in where all the humans were chained that were fed to Russell.  He finds Doug and he asks about the women that took him there.  The people in the room remember who she is.  Eric glamors Alcide and also adds in for good measure that he will find Sookie repulsive in the future.  Eric still loves Sookie!

Sam is taken to the hospital and meanwhile Luna’s daughter (as a wolf cub) goes to his grandmother’s house.

Hoyt goes to talk to Jessica and tells her he knows that she still cares for him.  Jessica tells him they are over and he laughs.   Hoyt taunts her and tells her to do whatever she wants with him as long as she does it with him.  Jessica gets up and leaves with the parting shot, ‘This is not you!’

Sookie is driving with Alcide and he does not know how he got in the car or where they are.

Kibwe tells Eric and Bill the Guardian will be pleased – they never thought they would get Russell.

Kibwe has all the humans who were imprisoned by Russell’s savior in a bus.  They ask him if they will get financial restitution.  He says of course and he bites them all – blood splatters the windows of the bus.  I guess we have another traitor on our hands.

Jason is sleeping and his father appears to him – he swears to his father he is going to find the vampire that killed him and make him pay for destroying his family.  His father tells him – ‘The only thing you have to fear is……” and Jason wakes up.

Alcide wakes up in Sookie’s house – he comes downstairs and she asks if she is okay.  Sookie tells her she is not okay, she needs a normal life.

Alcide is having memories and he asks her if they made love.  Sookie assures him NO.  She goes to touch Alcide and he pulls away.  Sookie is pissed and she realizes Eric did something.

Sookie takes Alcide’s hand and gives him back the memories that Eric erased.  Alcide cannot believe that Russell is still alive and he cannot believe that Bill and Eric let him live.  He is very angry and feels betrayed.

Sam comes into see Luna.  Luna wants to know where Emma, her daughter is.  Sam tells her he saw Emma get away.  Luna does not understand who would want to kill shifters.  Sam tells Luna it was humans who did it, four of them.

Emma runs into the hospital room with her grandmother.  She lets Sam and Luna know that Emma came to her house as wolf.  Marcus’ mom wants to keep Emma for a while and Luna wants her to keep Emma safe until they figure it out.

Terry is driving with Patrick he is upset as he thinks the fire monster is going to come after him to.  He opens the door of the driving truck and jumps out.  Patrick stops the truck and runs after him.  He jumps on Terry and Terry tells Patrick he should never have done it, they are damned now.  Terry feels Patrick ordered him to do something evil that is going to get him killed.  Terry tells him he knew he was not the sort of man to have a good life with Arlene.

Lafayette goes to the hospital and Ruby J, his mother is there.  She had a seizure.  His Mom tells Lafayette that Jesus is not okay, he is in trouble.  Jesus came to her last night and he wants to talk to Lafayette.  His Mom has no idea how she knows, she sees sh*! she has no idea what it is.  His Mom tells Lafayette he has to go – Jesus needs him and loves him.  He leaves.

Arlene is filling in Holly about where Terry has gone.  Sookie walks in and starts complaining about a man she is serving and they all agree that Men are dogs.  Sookie tells the girls Men are way more trouble than they are worth.

Jason comes to see Sookie and tells her that her parents were killed by Vampires.  Sookie tells Jason he is crazy their parents died in a flood. But Jason knows because Hadley told him.  He saw Hadley at the fairy bar.

Andy talks to Sam and informs him there are only4 shifters in town and they have all been shot.  Sam wants to help Andy find out who is doing it.  Andy tells Sam he cannot condone vigilante justice.  Sam tells him he either lets him help or he will do it on his own.

Alcide comes in to see JD and the pack.  Alcide tells JD he knows he is sucking down Vampire Blood.  Alcide tells JD he accepts the role of Master of The Pack.  He tells Alcide it is too late.  Alcide tells him he challenges him – he won’t see his pack go down.  JD tells Alcide he needs a second to challenge him.

One of the girls in the pack stands up and agrees to be Alcide’s second.  Alcide tells JD to tell him when they will fight for the right to be Pack Leader.

Eric and Bill are ushered into the Vampire Authority’s chambers and they congratulate them on finding Russell.  Their iSTAKES are removed.  The boys want to know if they have discovered who released Russell from the cement.  Eric asks if he can speak to Nora.  Salome tells Eric she has revealed her true Sangunista intentions.  Roman walks in and tells Eric and Bill they are now officially known as the boys who took down Russell.  They are toasting with a old vintage bottle of Austrian Hemophiliac blood – what a treat!

Roman thanks Bill and Eric on behalf of humans and The vampire authority.  Roman tells the boys they also proved they do believe in human and vampire co-existence.  Salome tells Roman he has to go and interrogate Russell.  Roman tells her not to bother, they are going to kill Russell.  Salome looks none too pleased… Roman starts quoting some scripture from Lilith and Salome tries to persuade Roman that Russell knows a lot – in other words Salome is not keen on Russell being executed.

Salome is going to bring Russell to Roman and Roman tells her to slap an iSTAKE on him, so he does not get dirty.

Eric asks Roman if he can speak to Nora because she is his sister.

Arlene sees Terry walk into the bar.  Terry tells Arlene he has bad news for her.  Arlene asks if he found whatever he was looking for and did he do what he had to do with it.  Arlene wants to help him with it.  Terry tells Arlene he is cursed, he had a curse put on him by a women in Iraq.  He tells Arlene the story and Arlene tells him there is no such thing as a curse.  Terry tells Arlene he pointed a gun at the women’s head and he put three bullets in her head because Patrick ordered it.

Terry tells Arlene he has to say goodbye to them and cut them out of his life to protect them.  Arlene tells Terry she will help him fight anything that comes at them, but he has to stay on his meds.  She thinks he has gone off his meds.  She tells him to go to the asylum to get help.

Terry lets her know if he stays with her Arlene and the kids will die.  He hugs her and thanks her for taking a chance on him.  Arlene sadly agrees that Terry must go if his presence will endanger her kids.

Jason drives Sookie into the woods and they are looking for the portal.  Sookie says it does not make a lick of sense and she walks right into the portal.  Jason screams, “That is my sister you took, you fairy fu*!ker”  Then Sookie pulls him in the portal.

They are both in the fairy brothel.  Hadley sees Sookie.  Hadley was sure Sookie was dead, she thought the vampires killed her.  Sookie tells Hadley that the fairies are not the people she thinks they are.  Claude comes over and hugs Sookie and asks if she remembers him.  He is Claudine’s sister.

Andy walks into a hunting store – he asks the clerk Junior,  if people come in that want to kill Sups?  Andy asks if they sell wooden bullets with silver cores and Junior agrees they do.  They go through about 3 cases a month and there are 500 in a case.  He offers to show show Andy some.

Sam screams Andy and shoots an arrow in Junior’s chest, he was going for a gun and was going to kill Andy.

A vampire is biting Hoyt and the vampire tells Hoyt they should stop.  A car comes by and shoots the vampire and recognizes that it is Hoyt and they take him with them.

Claude tells Sookie that Hadley is free to leave anytime she wants.  Jason asks Hadley if Vampires killed her parents.  Jason asks Claude if he knows who killed their parents.  Claude tells them that all he heard from Claudine is that a vampire attacked their car because he smelled something in back of the car, Sookie’s blood.  Sookie gets really mad and bolts of light fly out of her hands.

Back at the Vampire Authority basement Russell is being dragged out and Salome tells Nora that they are executing Russell tonight.  Nora is excited she says it is happening, it is part of the plan.  Eric asks Nora if she was the one who released Russell and she tells him it was part of Her plan (why do I think she means Salome.)

Russell is with the guardian and the members of the council.  Russell is yelling and telling Roman it is all about his ego.  Roman tells Russell it is about order and peace.   Roman presses the button to iSTAKE Russell but it does not work.  All of a sudden Russell jumps on Roman with a stake and yells , “Peace is For Pussys’ and stakes Roman while everyone looks on shocked!

The End!