Vicki Gunvalson Of ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Comments On Jungle Drama — Season 7 Episode 16

Vicky Gunvalson Of 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Comments On Jungle Drama -- Season 7 Episode 16

A lot went down in the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which featured the five women (Gretchen Rossi, Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino) on a trip to Costa Rica. The drama began almost immediately.

Between Vicki’s odd, loopy mood and catty exchanges with Tamra, to the confrontation between Alexis and the rest of the women that has left many fans outraged by what many perceived as bullying and ganging up on her, there is much to talk about. So far, two of the women have weighed in on the episode.

While many fans saw the confrontation between Alexis Bellino and the rest of the women as bullying, Tamra Barney and Heather Dubrow prefer to call it an “intervention.” An intervention to tell Alexis how pretentious she was.

During this intervention, all of the women criticized Alexis’s apparent need to always talk about how much money she has. Heather was tactful in her delivery and said that, sometimes, she comes across as materialistic, but made sure to say, “I’m not saying that you are . . . just that you come across that way sometimes.”

Gretchen gently backed up Heather’s sentiments by saying that she knew Alexis was not this way, but could see how she may come across this way to those who do not know her very well.

Vicki initially stayed out of it, but when asked, she told Alexis, “I probably have more money than you . . .” and proceeded to lecture her about her and her husband’s frivolous spending habits. Vicki appears to have forgotten she said this. “I really don’t like being around arguing, fighting or even calling people out on “who they are,” she writes in her blog. “I just don’t think it’s anyone position to do that. We all have ‘issues,’ and it was very hard for me to see everyone gang up on Alexis.” 

Tamra, who was the most blunt and visibly irritated by Alexis, brought up the time when Alexis told Andy Cohen that she and her husband were paying for their next house in cash on last season’s reunion in attempt to make her point about Alexis’s constant need to prove she has money.

When one fan attempted to defend Alexis by pointing out that Tamra brought a Louis Vuitton bag to the Costa Rican jungle with her, Tamra replied, “There is a difference between having one and constantly talking about one.” This seemed to be the point she was trying to make to Alexis in last night’s episode, which, at first, Alexis seemed to interpret as an attack on her finances and responded by saying it is no one’s business what anyone else has or spends their money on. This visibly irritated Tamra, who yelled that the women did not care about her money or how much she has, just that she always feels a need to talk about it.

Alexis has yet to weigh in on last night’s episode.

Meanwhile, Vicki has also weighed in on the tension between her and Tamra and expressed sadness over the fact that they’ve drifted apart. “Tamra was very distant to me the whole trip,” she writes. “I could sense that she was really making an effort to be with Gretchen more than me. I felt like I was in competition with Gretchen and then I stepped back and thought…am I in grade school? Why can’t we ALL be friends? I felt Tamra pulling away from me not only on this trip, but long before it. It’s been coming for awhile now and I still don’t have an answer from her as to “why.” I love Tamra, and just wish it was normal between us, or like the old times. Somehow we have gotten off course and I don’t get it.”

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