Victoria Beckham Helped Katie Holmes Divorce Tom Cruise

Victoria Beckham Helped Katie Holmes Divorce Tom Cruise 0710

I always thought Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham’s relationship was just as manufactured as Katie and Tom Cruise’s. Posh Spice was a cog in the wheel of the “Kate” glamorization process that Tom orchestrated to get people to believe Katie was the modern, stylish A-lister he needed to complete his heterosexual movie star facade to the world. But despite not being papped together in months, the two woman have actually continued their unlikely friendship and Posh even counseled Katie through her extremely fast divorce with the Mission Impossible star.

“Victoria’s been a real tower of strength,” a source told Now magazine. “Katie’s seen how a normal marriage should function by being around Victoria and David Beckham, so she knew that something was wrong with her relationship with Tom. She and Victoria have been talking a lot. Posh has been trying not to take sides, but she has let Katie know she’ll be there for her whatever she chooses to do.”

OK, I know you want me to freak out over the line “Katie’s seen how a normal marriage should function by being around Victoria and David Beckham” but I’m not going to. I love the Beckhams, and despite the 0 calorie stick up Posh’s ass, actually think they do have a normal relationship. David is just as big a star as Tom – bigger in some soccer-crazed parts of the world no doubt, and he isn’t crazy pants. In fact, David always manages to shock me by how normal and down to earth he seems. Now, that’s not to say the Beckhams haven’t had their problems. For instance, if Tom was cheating on Katie then I think Posh would have more advice to spout. Posh is on solid ground with that problem, but Scientology… she’s probably a little out of her element and just acted as a very lean shoulder to cry by – not on – since Katie would probably crush Vicky if she tried.

Victoria seems like she’d be a good friend. She’s got her little click in Hollywood full of the chicks that Gwyneth Paltrow wouldn’t allow in her club – like Eva Longoria, and Kate Beckinsale so she’s obviously not one of those insufferable girls that can’t get along with other girls. I bet she gave Katie great advice like, “Just look at the positives Katie! You’re so stressed out now you can’t eat. You’re going to look so amazing!”

Oh, Posh, always putting things in perspective!

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