Warren Beatty’s son Stephen Ira: A Second Thoughts Sex Change?

Warren Beatty’s son Stephen Ira, formerly Kathy Beatty, announced that he was going to go through with a sex change and it was earlier this year that father Warren was certain that he was not going to fund his daughter’s decision to get a penis. And while Ira seemed adamant about the change, according to The National Enquirer, he “has put his sex change plans on hold.” So why the change of heart? Wasn’t getting a penis what he wanted?

Well, a family insider told the magazine, “He suddenly misses his feminine side, dressing up and wearing make-up and jewelry. Now, he’s wavering on completing the final step of gender reassignment- the surgical procedure to construct a penis.” This is a subject I know that many people feel difficult to relate to, unless of course, you are a transgender yourself. Many would ask, well, why can’t he just get a penis and then be a cross-dresser for those extra feminine moments. Well my friends, it isn’t that easy.

According to the magazine, Stephen has had his breasts removed and “loves his body just the way it is.” So could a penis be a possibility down the road? Definitely, but his now accepting parents Warren and Annette Bening have urged him to really think through the decision to have a penis added to his nether regions.

As for a biography, Ira is currently a student at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. He is also an outspoken activist for the transgender community. You can check out his Twitter page here and follow his personal website here.

One response to “Warren Beatty’s son Stephen Ira: A Second Thoughts Sex Change?”

  1. Betweenlives says:

    Clearly this child of Warren Beatty has a problem with slowing down thoughts, yet speaks with an excellent vocabulary, and regardless of that wonderful quality still pretty much speaks all over the map and proves the symptoms which confirm the reality of a case of schizophrenia….imho….also observing this video from a parents perspective says to me  there is undeniable  proof of how this mental disorder is apparent here, unfortunate no matter how hard this person tries to be part of a group that  she or he relates with.  Clearly useful video for the parents who can object to any decision regarding his decisions or hers, …whatever the case may be. Link to help: