Was Kate Middleton’s Nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, Murdered After Prank Call?

Was Kate Middelton’s Nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, Murdered After Prank Call?

We began this past week with a joyous bit of news, that Kate Middleton was indeed expecting a royal heir. The duchess is very early in her pregnancy so the announcement came because Kate had to go to hospital and the palace feared the news was going to leak. As you already know, hyperemesis gravidarum kept Kate hospitalized in London for 3 days last week. An overzealous Australian radio team decided to make a prank call to King Edward VII Hospital in an attempt to get a call directly to Kate. Unfortunately, Jacintha Saldanha took their call and patched it through believing that Queen Elizabeth was in fact on the other end of the line.

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The audio of that phone call spread like wild fire and by Friday morning, Jacintha was found dead of what seemed to be a suicide across the street from the hospital where she had worked.  According to her family, the quiet 46-year old mother was deeply humiliated by the call when she heard it broadcast and was really struggling with having made such a big mistake. The hospital insists that no disciplinary action was taken against the nurse and that she had been a very quiet, caring employee. Still Jacintha was depressed enough to kill herself – at least that’s what we’re supposed to believe, right?

Could it have been murder? Could a fanatic royalist have been so crazed by the threat to the Duchess that they took action on Kate’s behalf?  What about the Royals themselves? Some think that you and I are expendable when it comes to ensuring the safety of royalty!

Was it suicide? Is it reasonable that Jacintha was so despondent over her blunder that she’d leave her husband and 14-year old daughter alone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 responses to “Was Kate Middleton’s Nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, Murdered After Prank Call?”

  1. Paul Hallelujah says:

    Yes, exactly my thought – the nurse was killed by cultic royalists, perhaps by William or his brother or their lapdogs, the UK police force, who see nothing suspicious about a woman’s body lying in the streets.. Down with the crown!.

  2. Angie P. says:

    I think it was murder because it’s to weird to believe she would commit suicide but it is a possibility because she could have felt guilty and plus killers can make it look like a suicide. And the Royals are very protective of what they share. And she shared that personal information about the Dutchess of Cambridge thinking it was the Queen herself. So it’s true she could have felt bad and commited suicide but in my opinion I think it is a murder. Someone from the Royal family. It was not her fault at all, it was the Austrailian Radio people pranksters. I guess we will never know until an autopsy is conducted.

  3. NoStrangerToDanger says:

    Odd indeed. Now, the DJs are in hiding. They’re Ausralian. What could reach across the seas? Another question, why’d William leave the hospital at 9pm and as his pregnant princess lay ill? Where exactly was Jacintha found?

  4. CH53 says:

    500 years ago if a servant of the queen or her royal household made a simple mistake, many times they paid the ultimate price for stupidity with a public execution. Now days if you embarrass the royals or pose a threat (did the nurse learn anything unusual?) you are disposed of in a more covert manner. Diana had her fatal “car accident” as did her lover Heritt (decapitated on a motor bike, how fitting), and Dodie as well met an untimely end with the driver still not remembering that night and all 1,000,000 cameras in downtown Paris going off at exactly the right time. Seems there are a lot of “fatal accident/suicides” connected with the royal family.

    Those two DJ’s should be sued. Indirectly they caused either a suicide or homicide.

    May this poor woman’s soul rest in peace and her family heal.

    Kate is the palace’s little darling now, but once they are done with her, she may find herself like Diana.

    Royals, all the elite in power need to be overthrown.

    Power needs to be restored to the people.

  5. Elizabeth Connell says:

    I knew those royals were evil, they probably strangled the poor girl when no one was looking