Wedding Stresses Drive Angelina Jolie To A Record Low Weight

Wedding Stresses Drive Angelina Jolie To A Record Low Weight

Angelina Jolie is facing a self-induced health crisis since Jill Schoelen has come forth and made her hot and romantic love letters from Brad Pitt public.  Angelina has sought refuge from her emotional crisis in anorexia once again.  Jill was once engaged to Brad although she broke his heart by terminating the relationship before the wedding.

Angelina is now hurting as Jill has exposed Brad’s total infatuation with her.  Angelina always needs to be the belle of the ball, so to speak, and to have the world learn that Brad loved Jill so much is hard for her to take.  Unfortunately Angie seems to think that starvation will solve her emotional problems.

Star Mag Print Edition, May 14 reports:

It should happiest time in his life but when she stepped out in LA on April 16, just days after announcing her engagement to Brad, it was clear that stress-including the pressures of her upcoming wedding-is taking its toll on her.

Now insiders tell Star that Angelina’s weight continues to spiral even lower than a recently reportedly 94 pounds.

“Angie has dropped 5 pounds over just the past few weeks and she’s looking skeletal,” says the source.  Brad is sincerely worried about her most recent loss and has been begging her to put on some weight for a long time now. But his pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

“If I were him, I’d be concerned not only over and his physical health but her emotional state as well, given that she just can’t stop losing weight.”

Indeed one expert tells Star that Brad has very good reason to be concerned. “I believe Angelina looks extremely undernourished,” New York City-based fitness expert Edward Jackowski of Exude Fitness tells Star. “Her arms seemed to have  atrophied, and her calves look like they could barely support someone walking up a flight of stairs. The bones of her joints are also protruding that could also put her at a high risk of Osteoporosis.”

“Given that Angelina is 5 foot 7 inches, a good weight for her frame should be nothing less than 120 pounds.  Certainly not under 100 pounds!”

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Do you think that Angelina is too skinny?  Is losing weight an effective solution to emotional pain? Let us know in the comments below.

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