Why Simon Cowell Is Rigging The X Factor USA Auditions

Why Simon Cowell Is Rigging The X Factor USA Auditions

Why is sneaky Simon Cowell rigging auditions for The X Factor USA? Is Simon Cowell cheating? Talented singers are now invited “secretly” to pass by the open audition days, while the amateurs are supposed to stand there in line all day to wait for their turn. This is all because X Factor wants to find more “talent” and beat out The Voice. I and many others think this to be very unfair to the other people auditioning.

Here’s how it went down, Cowell ordered the bosses that they have to “tear up the rule book” because last year the contestants weren’t all that interesting. No kidding they weren’t interesting, I still can’t believe who the winner of the North American X Factor was, she was just plain wrong and that’s why I didn’t like the show.

Cowell’s team sent emails to artists that they thought to be “star” material, inviting them to audition on a “special” day and avoid the crowds. One of these invitations read, “Traditionally, all auditionees are invited to X Factor open audition days. If successful they are invited back to a call-back day. But we would like to invite you to a special audition day, where you bypass the huge open day crowds. This is your first step to stardom.

In one way people could look at this as if artists can use the show as some marketing tool to increase their fan base and others just might see it as an easier way for others to achieve their dreams. But in the end it’s just not fair; I feel that everyone, whether they’re talented or just amateurs, should have to audition under the exact same circumstances. Whatever your opinion, it seems like Simon Cowell is cheating by rigging auditions.  What do you think?

2 responses to “Why Simon Cowell Is Rigging The X Factor USA Auditions”

  1. Foofoohead says:

    Amazing…More than half of what is called “Superstars” these days is just plain mediocre crap.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s true. My nephew received an email, phone call then a contract was sent to him. He “auditioned” on June 18th knowing the whole time that he was going thru to the next round.  It was him and 12 others that already knew they had made it thru. So much for reality..Kinda sucks if you ask me.