Will Katie Holmes Leave Tom Cruise?

Will Katie Holmes Leave Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise has crossed the line and Katie Holmes can’t handle her jealousy and humiliation any longer.  This is the inside scoop as provided by that redoubt of reliability, The National Enquirer.  It seems that Tom’s promotional activities for ‘Rock of Ages’ have been too sexually suggestive for Katie’s finely honed Scientology tastes and she is hurting.  And if Katie hurts, Tom’s pain won’t be far behind.

Even worse than the scandalous photos Tom consented to in fashion mag W is the ugly rumor that one of the models – the topless one – is hitting hard on Tommy boy.  Good luck to her – unless she is a member of the Scientology cult Tom considers her strictly non-kosher.  Of course, if she has joined CO$ then Katie may really have grounds for concern.

The National Enquirer Print Edition June 6 reveals: They are the photos that will drive Katie Holmes wild with jealousy and tear the couple apart — hunky, tattooed Tom Cruise stripped to the waist and lying in bed flanked by two busty blonde models, one topless and nuzzling his naked chest!

In a bombshell world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has learned the 49-year-old actor’s controversial pictorial in the June issue of the fashion magazine W is sure to provoke a bitter battle with his 33-year-old wife.

It will make no difference to Katie that the photos are a promotion for Tom’s upcoming film Rock of Ages, say sources. The pictures are ultra-steamy, the models are ultra-hot, and she’s been stuck alone in New York caring for daughter Suri as Tom films movie after movie.

“Katie will be devastated by the erotic and explicit nature of the pictures,” said a close source. “And how can she not be terrified Suri will eventually see them? It’s certain to spark a shocking blowup between them!”

Cruise is featured on the cover of the magazine and on an inside spread as his movie character — fading heavy metal rock legend Stacee Jaxx. He posed in hot guitar hero mode — sporting hair extensions and makeup while chugging down on a whiskey bottle. There is a fake fire-breathing dragon tattoo on his chest and another of two guns down by his belt.

What do you think?  Does Katie resent Tom putting Suri’s innocence at risk when she discovers her daddy’s ultra-steamy pics?  Does Katie really care what Tom does?  Perhaps Katie would be relieved if Tom got a girlfriend and left her alone?