Willie Hantz Evicted – Was He Set Up For Big Brother Eviction?

willie hantz evicted

In a Big Brother 14 shocker, Willie Hantz has been evicted from the show. Willie was coached by Britney and it looks as if she just may have set him up.

It’s no secret that Willie has a temper and Britney has even been afraid to be around him at times because of his explosive personality. Last week, Britney went and told Willie that she believed the coaches were going to come into the game and start playing.  She came up with this idea after calculating that there are two extra weeks which will give the coaches time to be put back in the game. Britney had to know that this information was going to make Willie upset.

No surprise that Willie ran right to the other house guests and had a meeting, minus the coaches, and told them exactly what Britney told him.

Frank felt really good about his chances to remain in the house, but after that meeting he didn’t feel too confident.  The whole “Willie and Frank” thing then spiraled out of control and they get into a fight while Britney, Willie’s coach, hid out.

Basically Britney failed to coach Willie properly and keep him calm. Further, in tonight’s episode Willie blows up, gets violent and threatens other house guests which then causes him to be evicted, Britney should have had a better reign on Willie.

Coach Mike Boogie told Dan during “Big Brother After Dark” that he also thinks it is Britney’s fault and she should not have dropped the ball on him, “she hid the night of the argument, she had her head down. I have $100,000 on the line, I don’t care if I have to grab him by the shirt and drag him out of there.”

Britney definitely should have done a better job in keeping Willie calm before he exploded and went crazy on every one. If she was afraid of Willie, she should have asked Shane to help her keep Willie calm. Basically Britney should go home as well, if she can make money from coaching the house guests then she should also be responsible for their actions whether positive or negative.

What do you think, is it Britney’s fault that Willie got evicted? Poor Willie Hantz. Evicted and gone – boo hoo! Does Britney maybe have more information about the coaches’ involvement in the game which is the reason she doesn’t care if her own house guests are evicted?

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