The X Factor USA 2012 Season 2 “Judges’ Homes # 3” Top 16 REVIEW

The X Factor USA 2012 Season 2 "Judges’ Homes # 3" Top 16 REVIEW

Last night, we finally learned who made it through to the live rounds of X-Factor USA. Many fell by the wayside, had nervous breakdowns, and were cut off at the knees, but we think this final top 16 is one for the record books. Unfortunately, there was no performance recap during last night’s competition, but Celeb Dirty Laundry is able to bring you a bit of prediction fun! Read below to see if your favourite made it through to the competition, what they need to improve on, and how far we think they’ll go in the competition.

Paige Thomas – Mentored by Demi Lovato – Paige Thomas’ vocal prowess is not completely up to standard, but if Paige is able to use her already strong voting bloc to push her, we believe this single mother could go really, really far in the competition. HOW FAR WILL SHE GO? If Paige is able to keep control over song choice and vocals, this Rihanna lookalike might land a place in the final four. We’re looking at an interesting crumbling of the cookie on this one.

CeCe Frey – Mentored by Demi Lovato – One of the most polarizing contestants in the history of X-Factor comes in the form of this leopard faced annoyance. We’ve never liked CeCe, but we think she might be able to pull it off if she loses that damn irking attitude! HOW FAR WILL SHE GO? We’re not sure on this one, maybe a top 6th spot if she is able to keep her attitude in check?

Lyric 145 – Mentored by Simon Cowell – This below the radar group drew our attention at Simon Cowell’s judging homes phase of the competition. It’s very difficult for a group act to connect with the television audiences, especially if a group hadn’t been as over hyped as many of the others. HOW FAR WILL THEY GO? If they’re able to impress us during the first couple of live rounds, we might connect with them and root for them. The chances are slim. We’re predicting an early exit if they do not rise up to the challenge.

Emblem 3 – Mentored by Simon Cowell – This “boy band” has taken the competition by storm, but they unfortunately faltered during the most important pre-live round audition. Their voting bloc is massive, their music is fresh, and they’re able to sell snow to an Eskimo. HOW FAR WILL THEY GO? If this group is able to keep up with the vocals, we believe they’ll hit a stride during the middle part of the competition and score a place in the final, if not a win.

Lylas – Mentored by Simon Cowell – This super group of contestants blew away the entire competition during their pre-live performance audition. They were the true stand outs and gained enough fans to last them a lifetime. We might be looking at a female One Direction. HOW FAR WILL THEY GO? If Simon is able to keep their momentum and sell them to the audience at home, we’re predicting a final place position in the end. This group could go larger than life.

Are you pleased with these decisions? Are these the acts you wanted to see in the top 16? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry for all of your X-Factor reviews, recaps, spoilers and news.

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