2013 Grammy Awards – Red Carpet Arrivals (PHOTOS HERE!)


The 55th Annual Grammy Awards air tonight on CBS, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).  Tonight is Music’s Biggest night and the stars will be out in full and we will have all the red carpet arrival pics and commentary for your enjoyment.  What the stars are wearing?  Who has the best dress?  Who was the worst dressed?  We will have it all here for you!

CBS has been adamant that they want to keep the amount of skin and accidental exposure to a minimum.  Will celebs listen tonight?  The celebs love to show their skin, and shouldn’t they be allowed to do that? Do you think our society, especially where TV is concerned, is too obsessed with censorship?

Tonight the 2013 Grammy’s have a star-studded performance lineup – Taylor Swift opens the show and Justin Timberlake’s will make his return to music.  There will also be special mash up performances by Alicia Keys & Maroon 5, Rihanna, Bruno Mars & Sting, Dierks Bentley & Miranda Lambert and Elton John & Ed Sheeran!

Rihanna will all perform tonight at the show, she’ll take the stage twice for a medley with Sting and Bruno Mars (Love Without Tragedy) as well as doing another performance later (Stay).  Rumors have been circulating the internet that she will be doing a duet with Chris Brown.  True or Not we have no idea but we will find out tonight!

We will be posting the 2013 Grammy Award photos as soon as they become available so make sure to come back to this spot often for all the photos.  While you wait for the photos check out a live stream of the red carpet arrivals below!

Tonight’s episode begins nowRefresh Page for Updates

1) Just 8 minutes until the stars walk the red carpet! Are you excited? We definitely are – especially after CBS sent out an e-mail for all the stars to dress appropriately (not butt, boobs showing). Well, this should be interesting for Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

2) Here we go! The Grammys Red Carpet show is live now!

3) Carly Rae Jepsen is wearing Roberto Cavalli, looking sparklier than ever. She’s definitely playing it safe with this outfit in he emo-ish dark outfit. We’re not feelin’ it, especially because her teenage attitude doesn’t match with it. Ha!

2013 Grammy Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals (PHOTOS HERE!)

3) Estelle just showed up on the red carpet, looking absolutely gorgeous in an African-insipired orange patterned dress. She’s nominated for an award, but I doubt she’ll win anything.

2013 Grammy Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals (PHOTOS HERE!)

4) Ed Sheeran confirms he’ll be singing with Elton John during his performance! This is going to be huge – two Brits together at the Grammys = AWESOMESS! Sheeran adds “Rihanna’s performance is going to be sick!

5)  Kathy Griffin also plays it safe in a black (also sparkly) dress. She vents to Ryan Seacrest how she’s been nominated five times for best “comedy” album, but never ends up winning it! Is she drunk?

6) OH MY GOD!!! Wiz Khalifa just showed up with his heavily pregnant wife Amber Rose. Not even the fact that she could be having a baby any second stopped her from attending music’s biggest night. She also showed up in a black gown… looking sexy.

7) Janelle Monae: “It means so much to be in the presence of all these artists,” she explains of her excitement to be at the Grammy Awards again. She was first nominated in 2009, and again in 2011 — nothing this year, though.

8) Justin Timberlake makes his anticipated return to music AND to the Grammys. Looking classy and like a real gentleman in his tuxedo – but where is Jessica Biel? J.T is expected to perform alongside Jay-Z for his new single ‘Suit & Tie’. It’s good to see him back! Can’t wait to see what he’s about to bring to the show tonight.


9) CHRIS BROWN HAS SHOWED UP!!! Dressed in all-white, looking like an angel, far from what he is in real-life. LOLz! He tells Ryan Seacrest: “It’s cool, I’m fine. Paparazzi were getting out of hand – no injuries. I’m fine. Tonight I’m just looking forward to the performances … I’m happy to be here.”


10) Kelly Osbourne looked okay, not our favorite look on her but also not her worst. The reality star will be covering the red carpet backstage in the 360Camera room where stars will pose for a 360 degree quick-shoot. What is going on tonight, though? Everyone is wearing black, including Kelly. We like that she changed it up a little on the zig-zag shaped sides, but other than that, looks like everyone is hiding their fat stomachs in their black dresses. Ha!

2013 Grammy Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals (PHOTOS HERE!)

11) Nominee Ne-yo shows up wearing a grey suit, a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses and his usual hat. Now, the cutest thing about this is that he brang his wife, Monyeta, to the event — ain’t that sweet of him!?

12) Carrie Underwood looks gorgeous in her Roberto Cavalli-designed black dress. The American Idol starlet says her diamond necklace is 381 CARATS!! She definitely didn’t pay for that. Better keep good care of that before someone steals it.

2013 Grammy Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals (PHOTOS HERE!)

13) Yup, it’s official. Miranda Lambert and Pauley Perrette also shows up wearing a black dress! We can not take all the darkness on the red carpet. It’s starting to look strange. The only guy who happens to stand out is Mr. Chris Brown. We’re still waiting for Drake and Frank Ocean to turn up. Wonder how they’ll react when they come face-to-face with Breezy.

14) Trey Songz – who showed up in a black tuxedo – admits his guilty pleasure TV-show happens to be Fashion Police and compliments Giuliana Rancic‘s funny side on the show. Who knew this guy watches Fashion Police. Ha! When asked about his dating life, he says: “I’m out here figuring life out”

15) Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka show up to the show. Umm, since when were they singers? Ah well, the more the better, right?

16) Nas: “Damien Marley will do something for his dad [Bob Marley] on stage,” the rapper revealed. Wowza! We’re excited to see what he’s going to bring to the stage. Also, Nas has been nominated for FOUR awards tonight!

17)  Taylor Swift looks absolutely stupid. Ugh, this girl looks annoyingly boring. Sorry to hate on her, but she’s so boring… at least it’s not black. She’s wearing a black gown, before revealing she has ALREADY won a Grammy for her ‘Safe  and Sound’ Hunger Games soundtrack.


18)  Jennifer Lopez attends the Grammys red carpet, trying to copy Angelina Jolie’s leg moment. Ugh! The singer is causing a lot of controversy in her black dress, showing one sexy leg, we can’t deny that. LOLz! She attends the show with her beau Casper Smart.

19) ADELE LOOKS HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE!!! AAAAHHH!! What is she wearing? She just came out of the car and she looks absolutely disgusting!! All we see is flowers on the red dress — we’re about to puke. Oh man, we thought she would impress us like she did last year, but at least she stands out from all the black dressed celebrities on the carpet.

Adele-2013-Grammy-Awards-Red-Carpet-Arrival (350 x 582)

20) Florence Welch is so far the weirdest looking one on the carpet, but we kinda like it. It’s weird, but not hideous like Adele’s outfit – there’s a big defference. Ha! She’s wearing a dark green outfit by Givenchy along with matching shoes by the same designer!


Lisa Stelley and hubby Jack Osbourne look adorable at the Grammys, so cute. But erm… why are they there?! Probably just to see Chris Brown start some drama?! Ha!

Amber Rose: “I’m due in about three weeks,” she just confirmed after we worried she’d give birth on the show. She looks HUGE… but pretty. She says she’ll have a home underwater birth. Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa reveals he’s up for two awards tonight — has he got any chances against Kanye West?! We’ll see

Wait! So Kanye is up for seven awards… does this mean he’ll show up… with KIM KARDASHIAN?!!? This should be interesting, – so far, no word on whether he’ll show up or not.

Update: Kanye has confirmed he will not attend the show, and neither will Kim. He is pissed about having had his previous album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ being snubbed from the show, two years ago! Yup, he’s a real douchebag.

Keith Urban arrives on the red carpet with wife Nicole Kdman who is wearing Vera Wang – a gold dress and it looks pretty nice on her. Randy Jackson joins them — he’s wearing Armani. Nice look on all three of them.

Kelly Rowland arrives at the Grammys, and all we gotta say is … ‘DAYUM!‘. She absolutely nailed it in New Orleans at the Super Bowl, and now she’s nailing it in her strapped black dress (how tired we are of saying ‘black dress’ Ugh). Kelly almost looks naked in her strap-dress which flashes a lot of skin! You can see her boobs and everything. She definitely didn’t read that e-mail that CBS sent out. LOLz.

Rihanna has arrived at the Grammys. She’s actually covering up for the first time in her beautiful red gown, matching her red lipstick. We’re liking this look on her a lot – especially because she’s not showing her butt or her boobs like she usually does. We’re hearing Chris Brown will NOT be sitting next to Rihanna once they get inside, because Chris had told producers he would not be coming at first before changing his mind. Hmm, perhaps they changed the seats to give him a seat next to Rih. We’ll see

Rihanna has arrived at the Grammys. She’s actually covering up for the first time in her beautiful red gown, matching her red lipstick. We’re liking this look on her a lot – especially because she’s not showing her butt or her boobs like she usually does. We’re hearing Chris Brown will NOT be sitting next to Rihanna once they get inside, because Chris had told producers he would not be coming at first before changing his mind. Hmm, perhaps they changed the seats to give him a seat next to Rih. We’ll see..

Katy Perry’s boobs look HUGE!! That’s all we got.


Rihanna just gave an interview with Ryan Seacrest and it was cringy to watch. It was so awkward to watch! Yikes — she struggled to get her words out when Ryan asked her questions. What is up with her? Drunk already, perhaps? LOLz



Image credit: Fame/Flynet