Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition RECAP 10/8/13: Season 2 Episode 6 “Broadway Backstabbers”

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition RECAP 10/8/13: Season 2 Episode 6 “Broadway Backstabbers”

Tonight on Lifetime Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition returns with another new episode called, “Broadway Backstabbers.” On this week’s show The pressure is on for the dancer who chooses the first solo of the season…will they triumph, or go down in flames? Did you watch last week’s season 2 premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show Abby decided to mix things up with the theme for the week being “Unconventional.” Anything can, and will happen, starting with the remaining dancers battling Abby in a martial arts challenge. The winner’s mom got to decide which dancers landed in the bottom three, leading to new fights and some surprise allegiances. To complicate matters further, each dance involved a giant, and sometimes unpredictable, prop.

On tonight’s show Judge Rachelle Rak, a veteran of “The Great White Way,” leads the challenge for the “Broadway” themed week and blows the kids and moms away with her sassy moves. The challenge winner’s mom earns the animosity of the others by bragging about her child. The pressure is on for the dancer who chooses the first solo of the season…will they triumph, or go down in flames?

Tonight’s episode is going to be a drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for live coverage of Lifetime’s Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2 episode 6 — tonight at 9PM EST.

RECAP: All the kids were practicing before Abbie made an appearance, Jojo made a good guess about what the challenge is going to be; this weeks it’s Broadway. The winner of the challenge will be getting the first solo dance performance of the season, Jojo admits that the choreography for the challenge is seriously difficult. Tyler complains that the style was very feminine and that it’ll be hard for him and his brother Travis to make it masculine. Abby tells them that their challenge starts now, the kids start doing the choreography; while Abby is watching them all like a vulture. Abby stops them all and talks to Jojo, Abby sends Jojo upstairs. Those who remain did the choreography again but this time Ally was sent out, Giana is sent next for landing to heavily. Abby stops it right away again and sends Travis up stairs. Four remain and they’re trying their best to keep up with it, Trinity is sent upstairs along with Kalani. McKaylee and Travis are the last remaining and they’re fighting for they’re life, Travis is feeling confident in winning. McKaylee ends up winning the challenge, the reason why Travis didn’t win was because he never looked Abbie in the eyes. Abbie explains how McKaylee will be getting the solo this week, and it can either break her or make her. The choreography will include several genres of dance.

The other moms are very jealous with McKaylee in winning the challenge, the mothers don’t get along to well. Abby wants someone who’s versatile, someone who can change from one genre of dance to another. Tessandra Chavez is the choreographer for both Ally and Gianna. Gianna’s mother is being annoying and jealous of Ally upstaging her daughter. Though Abby is still hard on Ally anyways, giving her constructive criticism. McKaylee is training for her solo performance. The other moms are starting to talk about how McKaylee has no presence and some other bull, it’s clear they’re not happy and are jealous they’re kids didn’t win the challenge. Tyler is with Jojo and Trinity in a Hip-Hop based performance.

Kalani and Travis are together, with Tarua Hall as their choreographer. Abby wants them both to be in sync in their performance. Giana’s mother is being stupid once more, it seems like a common occurrence. Rachelle Rak, Richy Jackson and Abby are ready to judge, with this weeks genre being Broadway. Travis and Kelani are first with their performance which is inspired by Phantom of the Opera. Abby wants to know what happened with Travis, near the stage where he slipped and mentions how they weren’t in sync. Richy mentions that Travis wasn’t all there and Rachelle explains how Travis needs to be more into the music.

Tyler, Jojo and Trinity begin their performance called Extra, Extra! Abby praises Trinity on her performance along with Richy Jackson agreeing with her. Rachelle also loved Trinity saying that she could see Trinity on Broadway today. Rachelle mentions that she loved Jojo, but she admits that there were a bit of problems in her performance, Abby agrees. Richy wants Tyler to go much harder, Tyler got some critical feedback by the judges. Gianna and Ally make their way to the stage to perform. Abby picks on Ally about how she messed up the side rail during rehearsal, but executed it nicely during the performance. Richy gives them double finger wiggles because of how well their performance was. Abby admits that she star qualities in both Ally and Gianna tonight. McKaylee is up nex, but it seems that she’s very nervous. Abby brings up some technical things about the foot attachment in the performance, but she loved the character portrayal. Richy was impressed and gave the finger wave. Rachelle was impressed also and said that McKaylee has the talent to going on Broadway. I’ve got to admit, that performance was really something amazing; I even found enjoyment in it. Now the judges are conversing on who they’re going to be voting on leaving the competition.

The remaining eight dancers get back on the stage, the judges admit their decision was very difficult tonight. Abby’s favorite was Trinity, Richy’s favorite was Ally and Rachelle’s favorite was McKaylee. Kelani and Gianna stepped backwards, Abby lets them both off the hook for being in the bottom three. Leaving Tyler, Travis and Jojo in the bottom three. Abby lets Jojo stay and go back with her mother, Travis and Tyler are left. Travis is staying, but Tyler will be leaving the competition. Tyler doesn’t want to stay in the competition because Travis is leaving the competition. Travis decides to stay in the end, after Abby got extremely pissed off when he mention leaving with Tyler. Tyler is glad that his brother will be staying in the competition.