Adrienne Maloof and Eddie Cibrian Get Revenge on Brandi Glanville

Adrienne Maloof and Eddie Cibrian Get Revenge on Brandi Glanville

Oh what a tangled web of hate this latest story about Brandi Glanville is. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has provided us all with lots of details about what a dirt bag her former husband, Eddie Cibrian is. She also was the only lady brave enough to even suggest that perhaps fellow cast mate, Adrienne Maloof may have faked her last supposed pregnancy while in fact a surrogate carried her babies. Given the fact that Eddie and Adrienne both can’t stand Brandi it almost makes sense that they would join forces to get even with her.

According to the STAR Magazine, the duo is seriously ready to forge a business partnership! Adrienne wants to open a new restaurant and she thinks that Eddie would make the perfect partner in the venture. Does he actually have any restaurant experience? Well, of course not, this is a revenge move pure and simple. Adrienne hates Brandi for making her have to come clean about faking that pregnancy and as she sees it, the best way to get even is to align herself with Eddie – in any way possible.

Even if Eddie is interested in this business idea, is he ever capable of just keeping things strictly professional? I mean, this guy always sleeps (or screws) where he works so could bedding Adrienne be an option to up the ante? I know Eddie is currently married but let’s be serious here, that little detail has never stopped him before so I don’t exactly see it as a road block now!

Are you glad that Adrienne walked away from RHOBH? Was it time for her to hit the bricks or would you have liked to see her stick around as a single mom? Do you think that her new partnership with Eddie will pan out? Will she rake in the cash or is it just meant to piss LeeAnn off? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Adrienne Maloof and Eddie Cibrian Get Revenge on Brandi Glanville”

  1. the ugly truth says:

    Another non story designed to get people to click on and get no real information. This is a ridiculous story, is there any evidence it is even true. I doubt Brandi even cares if these two bozos go into business together.