Amanda Bynes: Mission To Overthrow The Kardashians

Amanda Bynes: Mission To Overthrow The Kardashians

Amanda Bynes is quickly learning to be a professional limelight snatcher.  The seemingly bipolar “rapper” has been on a mission to overthrow the Kardashians.  She’s even grown to love sucking chocolate popsicles like momma Kimmy Cakes.  According to opportunist Wacka Flocka, her rap character will be know as “Shots”.  The executives at Nickelodeon have created another monster.  GTFOH  Melissa Joan Hart, eat dirt Kenan Thompson.  Welcome to the Amanda “Shots” Bynes show.

The child star has been hogging the airwaves with her intentional arrests, sloppy pictures, and awfully truthful twitter rants.

Don’t give “SHOTS” shots, and rock, without knowing someone’s getting bullied online.  On twitter, she said that the only person who’s uglier than her imaginary soul mate, R&B HIP POP (not hop) star,  Drake, is Drake’s mom, and she also posted a photo of Drake, commenting that “They airbrushed Drake to make his eyes look like he doesn’t have down syndrome!”   This is all after she begged him to “murder her vagina”.  Shots said she “likes him because he’s ugly”.  She’s also used Twitter to slam the looks of Meth President – Courtney Love, super model – Chrissy Teigen, Kush Card Carrier – Rhianna, and Miley “Molly” Cyrus.  Sure, her twitter account was hacked.  This online bashing comes while she is currently undergoing a series of surgeries on own her face in order to look older sooner.

Say what you want, but people forgot about Amanda “Shots” Bynes until now.  She’s garnered magazine covers, blog headlines, and a new rap career.  Sure, it takes a ton of drugs to boost your confidence, and remove your inhibitions.  “Shots” is giving us a break from North “Nori” West.  Hollywood is loving it, she is gaining fans and followers daily.  She’s even rumored to have a meeting set up with Wyclef Jean.  Maybe he’s wishing for the next Shakira, but let’s just hope he doesn’t swindle her like he did the Haitians.

Miley Cyrus needs to take notes from Amanda Bynes.  As a normal person, she’s an Amy Winehouse.  As celebrity in need of Botox injections to their career, she’s “winning”.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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