Amanda Bynes’ Mugshot Photo

Amanda Bynes' Mugshot Photo

It was bound to happen that Amanda Bynes would be placed in cuffs and carted off for booking. Apparently there was no time like the present for the actress-turned-fashionista.

After analyzing all of the facts surrounding this case, we are curious as to whether or not this was a cry for help by Amanda herself. Who else would invite photographers inside their apartment to take pictures of the “drug den” unless they knew that something was about to go down? She was down in the lobby of her apartment building, allegedly smoking a joint and talking to herself. She drew attention to herself, one hundred percent. Is she crying out for some help?

TMZ posted the second mugshot photo after Amanda was asked to remove her wig. She revealed that her hair is super shot and she does NOT look happy.

She has since been to court, given another court date and has been released on her own recognizance. Stay alert if you’re walking down her street, you might get a bong/vase chucked in your general direction.

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