Amanda Zuckerman Loses Control of Big Brother 15 House – Andy Herren Betrays Her and McCrae Olson

Amanda Zuckerman Loses Control of Big Brother 15 House - Andy Herren Betrays Her and McCrae Olson

After last night’s HoH competition, won by GinaMarie Zimmerman, Andy Herren starts lying to Amanda claiming that GinaMarie hasn’t made up her mind about who to put on the chopping block after she won HoH.  Of course GinaMarie is no fool and realizes that she needs to break up Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson by putting BOTH up for eviction!  Meanwhile Amanda remains stuck on stupid and attacks Elissa for a change….

Amanda flies off the handle and screams at Elissa “You are such a f*** b*tch .. what is wrong with you.. you can take your perma smile with your F*** joker face and shove it up your nasty ass”. Andy and Elissa leave and McCrae tries to calm Amanda down and remind her that Ginamarie doesn’t like this kind of shit so it’s not good for her game. Amanda tells McCrae that she doesn’t want America to think Elissa is the good one and she is the bad one (the truth) and McCrae tells her, “who the f*** cares what America thinks at this point“.

Amanda taunted Elissa like a psycho bitch and now she is trying to cry victim, unbelievable! Everyone wants to get away from Amanda, even McCrae and Andy, the woman is so delusional that she actually believes the house is against Elissa and not her. Last night Amanda kept having what looked like bipolar melt downs then switching over to staring at Elissa in way that looked really scary. It is obvious that Amanda is packed with obsessive jealousy over Elissa and I wonder if she can keep her vile and disgusting hate in check this week, I doubt it.

Amanda has seriously lost complete control of the house and this week is going to be hotter than any other when she desperately tries to regain control no matter what the cost.

5 responses to “Amanda Zuckerman Loses Control of Big Brother 15 House – Andy Herren Betrays Her and McCrae Olson”

  1. Victoria McGuire says:

    Seriously, she should most definitely be the next one voted out.

  2. DeAnn Wright Riefler says:

    I don’t understand how everyone can listen to Amanda attacking Ellissa and look the other way…..this is what happens in real life when people are bullied! I can’t believe they allow Amanda to berate anyone and pretend to be her friend?…??

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