Were Amanda Zuckerman And McCrae Olson Were Dating Before Big Brother 15 – Amanda’s Father Robert Zuckerman Confirms on Twitter?

Amanda Zuckerman And McCrae Olson Were Dating Before Big Brother 15 - Amanda's Father Robert Zuckerman Confirms on Twitter!

Did Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson knew each other outside the house! It all makes perfect sense, did you see how fast those two ran under the sheets together and how Amanda is so jealous if McCrae even looks at another woman in the house; all that for a simple showmance?

Amanda’s father, Robert Zuckerman even posted on his twitter account (before he blocked his tweets to non-confirmed followers) “As Amanda’s dad I 100% know she is crazy about him” and “McRae is smart and very young, he will be successful in life” and “I can tell amanda really likes McRae a lot . It’s real , no game” and “I like mccrae a lot” and “I hope mccrae and Amanda live with us for awhile after the show, let him bond with my family.” Wow, How did Robert get all that having no contact with his daughter since she has been in the Big Brother house? Something stinks!

Amanda keeps mentioning some “mystery boyfriend” back home, but in fact the mystery is that the boyfriend is McCrae.

So here is the McCranda plan; go on Big Brother 15, win the $500,000.00, have plenty of cash to move to California and then go on The Amazing Race and win more cash.

Sounds like two permanent reality TV famewhores in the making to me!

  • Happy Pappy

    Your website is the internet equivalent of the national enquirer! PURE B*LLSh*t. GOODBYE!

    ((Delete Bookmark))

  • IncoherentRambling

    What BS. There’s nothing in his tweets that confirms anything. He’s from Minnesota and she’s from Florida. There’s no way they could have met and formed a relationship before the show aired.

  • Shannin Naidu

    Amanda just wants to copy Brenchel !!!

    • larry david

      Yep with the showmance & wedding!

  • Amanda Nichols

    this website posts completely FALSE INFORMATION…

  • Ang

    You are an idiot.

  • BradInCA

    Easy to call BS on this article – geez. Her father never said anything at all about them knowing each other before. What a laugh.

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  • RuthyHope

    Perez Hilton was a savvier web-spinner than this junk of a website.

  • Sheryl

    what a load of poop. Amanda talked about her boyfriend on the feeds, he is NOT McCrae. She cried because her real life boyfriend’s family all bought the feeds and now probably hate her because of her showmance with mcr.

  • larry david

    This smells like BS…Amanda was pregnant by her former BF b4 she entered the house, & she also told the HG that she and her ex-BF were going to get engaged. Amanda was also pregnant b4 entering the BB house by her ex-BF, but she lost the baby within days of entering the house. If McCrae & Amanda were hooked up b4 being in the BB House, trust me Amanda would be spilling the beans about it. As Amanda would say “It just doesn’t make sense!”

  • Shadow

    Directly off the live feed: “4:08 PMAmanda
    says she will deal with a lot going back home especially with the boy
    she left back home.She says its going to be tough” Oops, there goes another conspiracy theory about this show. lol

  • Scott LePage

    And her father could just as easily get a pretty good pulse on Mcrae’s character by watching the live feeds. It is 24/7….well closer to 20/7 with all the backouts but still