American Idol Season 12 Episode 2 “Auditions #2” Recap 01/17/13

American Idol Season 12 Episode 2 “Auditions #2” Recap 01/17/13

AMERICAN IDOL returned last night to FOX for its 12th season. On tonight’s show we get to see the part 2 of the premiere as the auditioning madness continues.  Did you watch last night’s premiere Part 1 – show?  We did and we recapped it here for you.

Although they bragged season 12 of American Idol would be a season unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed.  It seems like fans were not thrilled with the show.  Disgruntled fans of the show took the internet to voice their concerns about the revamped format, quirky judging panel, and alleged judging feuds.  It appears that  new judges new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban did not please fans.  What did you think of the new judges?

Idol’s premiere episode didn’t do as well as expected.  It looks like the 12th season is about to go down in history as an utter and complete failure. According to Variety magazine, Idol’s 12th season was down by 18% in viewership figures – making this the lowest rated premiere in American Idol’s history.   Can Idol pick up the pace this season and survive or do you think this is the beginning of the end?

On tonight’s show American Idol rolls into Chicago, the Windy City.  Thousands of hopefuls from all over the country try their luck in front of our judges. Who will be going to Hollywood and who will be going home?  We will find out tonight as the final part of American Idol’s premiere airs.

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We are back in Chicago after a roller coaster ride in New York City.  The judges are excited about Chicago because Jennifer Hudson came from Chicago.  They are at Chicago’s Adler Auditorium.

MacKenzie Wasner from TN singing Whenever you come around by Vince Gill.  Mariah thought she was awesome and loved her voice.  She feels she has a star power.  Nikki thinks that someone like her walks into the room once every few years.  She just blew her mind.  Randy loved the song and thought she did it justice.  Keith thinks her voice had vulnerability.  He thinks she has a great tone.  They all give her a YES and she is headed to Hollywood!

Austin Earles – Mariah cut him short but Nikki said she was enjoying it and would love to constantly hear it every day.

Kiara Lanier from Chicago – She starts by tells Mariah she made her want to sing and thanks her for having the opportunity to sing for her.  She sings Celine Dion’s Prayer.  The judges love it.  Nikki tells her it was pretty frickin pretty.  She had so much control. Randy tells her he loved it to.  Mariah tells her she has lots of potential and loved the way she went from loud to soft.  Keith tells her she looks great, she came to be a star.  The judges all vote YES, she is going to Hollywood.

Stephanie Schimel, 20, Mariah liked her and liked her choice of song.  Keith thinks she is like Gwen Stefani and Carrie Underwood.  Nikki was not wowed, although she thinks she is pretty.  She just does not look like a star to Nikki.  Randy liked her.   Mariah, Keith and Randy YES, Nikki, No.  Three time YES, she is going to Hollywood.

Melissa Bush from Granville, Michigan who is a massage therapist, she brought a t-shirt for Randy that said, “Get Down Dawg.”  She sings Downtown by Petula Clark.  Randy said NO, Nikki says NO, Mariah says NO, Keith says NO.

Gabe Brown, from Iowa,  a Rocker who is a Baker brought everyone cookies.  He is singing a song by the Stones and he is bad, really bad.  Good thing he brought cookies.  Mariah asks if he can do something softer, more mellow.  He decides to do, “We all Die Young.”  Randy loves the rock thing.  Nikki believes him when he does his rock thing.    They all vote YES, not sure what they were listening too.  He was so so bad.

Kevin Nabity from Iowa  he is singing “One Week” by Bare Naked Ladies.  He is singing so fast you can barely understand what he is saying.  Randy says, “Sold!” He felt like he was at a “bad auction.”  Nikki asks if he can wow them with something else.  Keith does not think singing is not his talent.  Randy tells him to try something else.  Nikki says she likes them, but she does not like his singing.  They all vote, NO!

Isabelle Parell she is 15 years old and she is skipping today.  She is singing “Baby it’s cold outside”  She is really, really good.  Keith likes her voice. Mariah was very happy to hear a Christmas song and thinks she has a really sweet quality, an adorable quality.  Nikki loves her tone and her attitude.  Keith likes her voice and think her song was a good voice choice.  Nikki, Mariah and Keith vote YES, Randy NO, but she has enough votes to go to Hollywood.

Griffin Peterson from WI,  who is singing “Wash By The Water” Nikki loved him.  Randy thinks his voice is just below average.  Nikki tells him he is wrong, the girls are coming to his concert.  Mariah thinks there is potential because he has a very handsome face.  Nikki says yes, Mariah says yes, Keith is away so he did not vote, Randy says no.  2 votes to 1.  He is going to Hollywood.

Curtis Finch Jr., 24, a tutor from MO – he is singing a God is Able.  He was so good, very good.  The judges made no comments they just all voted “YES,” he is going to Hollywood.  Before he left he asked if his friend could meet Mariah Carey and they agree.

Mariah Pulice is from Chicago who is recovering from anorexia.  She is singing “Let It Be” by the Beatles.  Mariah is crying.  Nikki says she really felt the song and is really happy she did it. Mariah says she touched her and appreciates her sharing her story.  All the judges vote YES!  She is going to Hollywood!

Brandy Neelly is just 17 and was adopted by her aunt – why do you have to have a sob story to be on reality TV? Says she planned on being an American Idol since she was nine – advice for the rest you, don’t quit school to become an American Idol. Brandy does the classic country hit “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” by the best country singer of all time, Hank Williams! Great marks all around and she is going to Hollywood.

Clifton Duffin, 22, has never sang in front of his family.  Nikki loved him and think he is a great singer.  Mariah is touched.  Keith falls apart when he sees Clifton’s mother watch him sing for the first time.  A YES and of course he is going to Hollywood.

Ieisha Cotten, she is a professional dancer.  She is singing Ashanti “Thank You.”  Mariah suggests she may want to stay with the dancing think.  Randy tells her she is tone deaf.    They all say NO and Keith tells her that her dancing was excellent!

Johnny Keyser from Florida and Season 11. Keith likes his voice and liked everything he heard.  Randy think he showed he really wants it and hopes he will survive this time.  Mariah thinks he is a star.  Nikki thinks he is very handsome and she liked his voice and thinks there is a twinkle in his eye. They all vote YES, he is going to Hollywood!

Kez Ban is 27 – she is from North Caroline and she is a singer, song writer and guitar player.  She is singing Pinocchio.  She is odd, but she sounds good.  They ask her to play her guitar and sing one of her songs.  Randy likes her.  Mariah loved the song she wrote and loved hear her playing the song.  Nikki thinks she is very captivating and she took her into her world.  Keith likes her voice a lot.  They all vote YES, and she is on her way to Hollywood.

Ashley Curry and she is 19 years old from Iowa.  Ashley has a twin sister and everyone tells her – her voice is unique.  SHe is singing “Momma Knows Best” by Jessie J, and she is bad!  Randy ask if she sings in the theater.  She asks if she can sing again and they say NO.   That does not stop Ashley and she sings again.  They all say NO and tell her her vocals are shocking.  Randy tells her someone should have told her before how bad it is.  They cannot stop her she keeps singing, security comes to take her off the stage.

Lazaro Arbos is from Cuba and he stutters.  He does not have a lot of friends because of his stutter, so his music is his life.  He is going to sing Bridge of Troubled Water.  He sings beautifully.  Keith tells him she should sing all the time.  Randy loves his voice.  Nikki thinks his story is very emotional.  He sang one of Keith’s all time favorite songs.  They all vote YES and he is on his way to Hollywood!

The End!