American Idol: Who Are The First 5 Female Contestants In Top 20? Find Out Here!

American Idol: Who Are The First 5 Female Contestants In Top 20? Find Out Here!

Hey, American Idol fans! So who will be in the amazing group of first 5 female contestants to compete in the Top 20? Your answers below. If you’ve been watching the show lately, you know that the judges and producers have really gotten into this singing sudden death situation/singing for your life situation (kinda reminiscent of Nigel Lythgoe’s other reality competition So You Think You Can Dance, where contestants-on-the-edge have to dance for their shot to stay). Wednesday, the competition changed up its format a bit and chose to do a sudden death round to start whittling down the top 40.

During the show, 10 of the top 20 women performed. 5 women got cut. 5 women made it through, guaranteeing them a position in the live shows. Some of the girls even managed to get a partial standing ovation from the judges, making their task of chopping down the talent and even more arduous one. Check out the list of names below.

First 5 Women in American Idol Top 20: Tenna Torres, Kree Harrison, Angela Miller, Amber Holcomb, Adriana Latonio

Women cut from the show AKA “dreams have been crushed” recipients: Jenny Beth, Brandy Hotard, Isabel Gonzalez, Kamaria Ousley, Shubha Vedula

Do you agree with the judges’ choices? American Idol is a bit of a mess this year. It got off to a rocky start with the new judges trying to find their home within the competition, and it has been trying to pull out a lot of news tricks and competition styles to spice things up. After all, over the course of the years not much variation has occurred in the show’s format. So perhaps people are enjoying this new burst of change. Wonder what else might get the new shake-up once the LIVE shows begin with the Top 20?

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