America’s Got Talent RECAP 7/9/13: Season 8 Episode 6

America’s Got Talent RECAP 7/9/13: Season 8 Episode 6

Tonight on NBC their hit reality talent show AMERICA’S GOT TALENT continues with the auditions and the competition is heating up as we race to Las Vegas.  On tonight’s show we are going to meet see more acts as they try to impress the judges.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show the auditions continued in Chicago and San Antonio looking for the best performers America had to offer.  We saw dogs, jugglers, acrobatics and jump rope team, rappers and a lot more.  One of my favorites of the evening were 10-year-old rapper/DJ duo 2 Unique.  The two girls dazzle the judges with their mash-up of popular hip-hop songs, and the crowd is with them all the way.  If you want to check out the girls performances you can check out a video of their performance HERE.

On tonight’s show the judges continue to scour the country in search of America’s most talented performers.  Tonight we will get to meet seventh-generation circus performer John Nock and his family.  They will present the Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show and it is not to be missed.  NBC describes their routine as, “group act using giant helium balloons to present aerial performance, and the only act of its kind in the United States.”

We will be live blogging America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 6 at 9PM EST . . . so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the two hour show with us. Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info! While you wait for the episode you can catch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode BELOW!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s show kicks off with fans waiting to audition for the show in Los Angeles! Inside Nick Canon gets the crow ready for the night as he introduces the judges, minus Howie Mandel who seems to be running a little late.

The audition process starts immediately with 14-year old Olivia Rocks who plays guitar and sings. She praises her parents who are musicians for getting her into music. She makes her way to the stage with a sparkly pink guitar, which Mel B notices. Olivia has an amazing voice and belts a tune that I have never heard but she is really good. The crowd goes wild as she finishes. Mel B tells her choice was interesting but admits she liked the song. Heidi loved the song, which was a combination of belting out and being soft. Howard goes on a little rant about how Radio City Music hall will eat people up but not her, he was impressed. In the end all three vote her yes to send her off to Vegas.

Next up is Ronald Farnham who throws plungers that stick to people. No it is not a joke, he brings out targets and an assistants and literally throws plungers at men without shirts on. Ronald is immediately buzzed by Mel B when he fails to hit a single target. Then soon to follow is Heidi and last is Howard. By the way he only hit one guy too. All three judges obviously vote no, sorry Ronald. Let it be noted that Mel B admits if Howie and been there he would have loved.

While this is all going on Howie Mandel is seen running around various places as if he is somehow making his way to the studio. It is a little confusing so far.

Back in he studio the judges are introduced to 62-year old ex-male stripper Perry Kurtz, who is white and wearing what looks like a get up from the 1070’s. He goes into some kind of white guy rap that is really bad. It takes about 2 seconds before he is buzzed by all judges, Perry does not make it to the next round.

Immediately following the old bad rapper guy is Mr. Television, which is a guy inside a bad cut out of a television. He just talks in the TV like he is on TV there is no purpose and he gets buzzed. It was so bad Howard tells him to get off the stage.

Finally Howie arrives to the lovely song from Grease “We Go Together”. It was a nice moment. They recap what he missed. The show then goes on with Dave, Matt and Lehona an all guy musical act from Salt Late City but they are not like any other musical group. As they begin their act you see an overweight man come on stage take off his shirt and then Dave begins to literally make music by slapping the man’s fat. Soon the two join in as all the judges begin cracking up. The audience goes wild. Mel isn’t sure she likes the slapping. Howie asks if they can make music on anyone, which prompts them to attempt the act on Nick, who takes his shirt off, nice. It does not work as well but is hysterically funny to watch. Nick for his part takes it all in stride. Howard says No. Heidi goes with the crowd and says yes. Howie laughed so he is a yes as does Mel. The guys are headed to Vegas.

Following that is group of five young girls called Fresh Faces. The young girls do a pretty amazing acrobatic act. All judges love them and the girls are moving on to Vegas.

Next up is celebrity impressionist Jim Meskamen. He does Robert De Niro, Ricky Gervais and Robin Williams. He nails it and the judges all put him through to the next round.

Following Jim is a guy, whose name was actually never said, who does extreme break dancing. By that I mean he swallows a sword and break-dances. It is pretty crazy but kind of cool. They all love that it is different and he is now headed to Vegas.

The show continues with some aereal ice skaters, women and men pairs that do some pretty cool and unusual stuff even though they are skating on plastic not actual ice. They impress to say the least,. In fact at the end the 3 couples get a standing ovation. Howard is first to speak and calls them fantastic. Heidi likes it as well. Mel B calls them refreshing. Howie sings their praises. They unanimously all agree to move them on to the Vegas round.

Next up is a 3D video meshing group called Sensation. Not sure what video meshin is well lets just say it is pretty cool. They perform an actual video on stage that is all glow in the dark. They put on a show that is hard to describe but so worth checking out if you can find he video. The crowd loves them but again Howard admits they have great potential. Heidi gets booed when she says they bored her. Mel was impressed and too thinks they have potential. Howie calls them new and original. Despite Heidi’s no the other judge all say yes so get to go to Vegas.

On what looks like another day the first act is an adorable little boy and girl team who do a samba with a jive mix. Daniella and Josh do a super cute little dance and they are really girl. They dance better than some adults I know including myself. The crowd goes wild and the kids get a standing ovation. Heidi loves them as does Mel B., who was kind of speechless. Howard tells them they have it. In the end they all vote yes and these adorable kids will be in Vegas.

Jimmy Rose from Kentucky, who is a Marine, takes the stage next in the hopes of making his dreams come true. This southern boy sings an original song about coal mining in his hometown. Guitar in hand Jimmy starts singing the country singer in him comes out and he brings tears to the eyes of many audience members. I was even a little teary. He brings the crowd and the judges to their feet. Howie thanks him for his service and praises him singing. Howard calls it a D@$M good song and his voice is strong. Heidi calls his voice beautiful and natural. Mel B echos what Heidi said. Clearly they loved him and he moves on.

The gang moves on New Orleans with Able Barrilo. He builds and plays is own homemade instruments. He starts using a crutch as a guitar then moves on to glasses and a broom. Needless to say he impresses no one, Howard even asks him what he is doing with his life. Heidi thinks it is not meant for stage, Mel calls is bizarre. He gets a big No go!

Next up is an older guy who blows himself up. He is called Captain Explosion. What this means he gets inside a box, with a helmet and protective gear. He takes the judges outside to perform his act. In his makeshift box that of course has all the right stuff, the Captain blows up the box and is just fine. It is very interesting stunt but Howard didn’t feel connected. Howie does not agree with Howard he thought it was amazing. Heidi was scared. Mel thought the bang was frigthing but not the box. In the end Howard, Heidi and Mel said no. The end is here for Captain Explosion.

Chloe Chanel, who is 11-years old, takes the stage next. She sings All American Girl by Carrie Underwood and the little girl nails it. Mel B is first to speak telling her she can really sing. Howie tells her she has a career ahead of her. Howard is honest and says he thinks is terrific. Heidi loves her too. They all send on to the next round.

The last part of the show has AGT judges in New York City. The first act up is belly dancing contortionist Megan, who is a very spiritual person. She evens says Howard has a pure heart. Her dance has her twisting and turning like a pretzel. The judges all enjoy her routine but Howard says she is a good contortionist but not belly dancer. She says she didn’t want too much structure. Howard, Heidi and Mel B say no leaving Howie once again the only yes. Poor Megan is sent back home.

A puppetry act is next but it is not a nice puppet act. In fact it was bizarre and Howard called them the worst puppet act he had ever scene. Mel B didn’t get it and I don’t blame her. It was a big No for those guys.

Following the puppets was a slew of bad acts that were clearly very edited. Thee was the group chopping ice, the guy and girl playing school, the girl who did nothing but make animal noises. All of which were not put through to the next round.

After the disaster you see a soul pop band from New York City called 212 Green consisting of 5 members aging from 14-22. They sing Rumor Has It and they rock Radio City. Once they are done the group breaks down. Heidi loved it. Howie tells them they are going places. Mel likes what she saw. One of the girls in the group admits Mel B and Spice Girls were their inspiration. They all hug it out with Mel B. It is pretty clear that this group is going on in the competition.

The last act is Al Harris who is the guy who does nothing but bad jokes. The whole act is horrible, the jokes are a little funny and have some humor. Like for example throws balls on the stage and says “It takes balls to get up on this stage”. He is the joke guy with props who may be funny but the act was bad. Howie is the only one who wants to send him to Vegas he gets out voted by the other three.
Who do you think of the acts so far this season on America’s Got Talent? Is there one that you are rooting for? Personally I am rooting for 212 Green, Jimmie Rose and little Chloe.