Amy Seiber Former Wendy’s Employee Arrested After Selling Marijuana Burger

Amy Seiber Former Wendy's Employee Arrested After Selling Marijuana Burger

Fast food restaurants are becoming increasingly dangerous to eat at lately, especially once we started realizing all the disgusting things some employees do to the food. There was the guy who licked the tacos at Taco Bell and posted the photo online, and then there was the person who spit on the burgers before handing it to customers. Now, we’ve gotten reports of an employee of Wendy’s getting fired after handing a customer a marijuana burger.

Now, it’s not what you think. It wasn’t a burger fried with marijuana, although I can actually see that being a hit with some demographics. No, an employee named Amy Seiber in Georgia was fired from Wendy’s after she put a half-smoked marijuana blunt inside the burger. Apparently, Amy immediately admitted the blunt was hers, and she was pretty much arrested by local police immediately. She reportedly claims that she ‘misplaced’ the blunt, although I’m thinking it was probably a more deliberate move.

Amy was reportedly charged with possession, which makes sense, although she’ll probably be let off with a minor fine. However, the customer reportedly suffered from food-poisoning symptoms and had to be taken to the hospital. Amy did offer to pay for the customer’s medical expenses and also buy her a gift certificate, although I don’t know if that will make up for the emotional trauma of accidentally eating a blunt with your burger.

What do you guys think? Is this a call for fast food restaurants to screen their employees better, or at least watch them better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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