Ariana Grande Disgusted and Appalled By Rumors Claiming She’s Dating Justin Bieber — She Can Do Better! (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande Disgusted and Appalled By Rumors Claiming She's Dating Justin Bieber -- She Can Do Better! (PHOTO)

Fans couldn’t help jump to conclusions after they saw the above picture of Justin Bieber giving Ariana Grande a quick peck.  For one, they hoped there was more than a quick peck but sadly a romance is not in the air. Ariana could have said they were just friends when, instead, she went into full explanation mode to deny the rumors. I don’t really like Justin Bieber and, yet, even I thought Ariana burned him.  What’s up with that, Ariana? I thought you were a good girl! “I would never date him, he’s a nice kid, but…”

Thanks, J-14, but I’ll take it from here. What’s up with the “never”? Excuse me, sweetheart, but your profile isn’t that high. I don’t know who she thinks she is with the whole “kid” thing anyway, especially since she’s thought to be dating Nathan Sykes. Fun Fact #1: Nathan is the same age as Ariana and only a year older than Justin. So that “kid” thing she threw in there along with the rest of her statement sounds simply patronizing to me.

Fun Fact #2: Ariana literally ended all chances of ever dating Justin, which might not be so good for her future fame game, as she or Nathan are about three hundred times less popular that The Beebz. It’s easy to kick someone already on the ground but that doesn’t mean Ariana should have done it. It was she that took the twitter picture in the first place. So it was alright to use Justin when it was convenient for her? Never again!

I’m sorry, Ariana. There seems to be room for only a few “users” in Bieber’s life. Namely, Justin’s family, friends, and Selena. That red head has no choice other than trying the waiting list from now on.

Image credit to Twitter