Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Only Has Sex for Money (VIDEO)

Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Only Has Sex for Money (VIDEO)

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is a real piece of work, isn’t she? By now everyone knows that she willingly chose to shoot a sex flick with hired porn star James Deen. Supposedly Farrah was initially going to play it like Deen was her boyfriend and the special movie was stolen and leaked, but Deen wasn’t playing along because he has nothing to hide. He was paid to bang Farrah on camera, they were not dating it was a business deal orchestrated by Farrah. She later had to fess up and admitted that the the sexcapade was intended for public consumption, but is still trying to back pedal wherever possible.

Farrah was afraid of how Vivid Entertainment was going to edit the footage – to somehow make it more pornographic! I mean, seriously now. The thing is called Backdoor Teen Mom isn’t it? Farrah took it every which way, no magical editing involved I’m sure.

She has made six figures off of this 70 minute video but is trying to step away from looking like a total whore. Farrah insisted in an E! News story that she has only had sex once in a year and it just so happened to be with Deen – for money. She also lashed out at him for basically telling the truth and refusing to go along with her lies, claiming that she doesn’t trust anyone because of him now!

“I [wanted] to put the ball in my court rather than let somebody else do what they want. Really, I’m not that sexually active. And I personally cannot trust anyone now, so who knows if I’ll ever have a relationship, because I don’t trust people.

I’m sorry but I’m not buying it. You don’t go from complete abstinence to shooting a XXX throw down. Farrah missed a few steps in between and I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet that one of the guys she recently dated will set the record straight on how much of an angel Farrah really is! It’s simple really. Farrah hit rock bottom and needed the cash and now regrets looking like a total whore, don’t you agree? Tell us your thoughts on Farrah in the comments below!