Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Marriage In Crisis

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Marriage In Crisis

One of Hollywood’s seemingly more solid marriages has been under a microscope for the past few weeks. Ben Affleck himself raised eyebrows in his Oscar acceptance speech for thanking wife, Jennifer Garner for working on their marriage with him. At first Ben tried to explain what he meant, saying that every relationship is hard work and that they do the work together and it’s what has kept them together through ten Christmases and three children.

He attempted to quiet the speculation that the marriage is on the rocks and perhaps it’s not, but according to OK! Magazine, it is a rocky relationship. Now that the awards season has wrapped up and Ben is done promoting Argo, he is finally going to be spending quality time with Jen and the kids. Now it’s back to reality and there is definitely some work to be done.

Supposedly Jen is the living, breathing epitome of a long suffering wife. She has all but packed in what would have no doubt been a huge career in order to take care of the couples’ three kids. Last year Ben spent his time wrapped up in his career while Jen delivered their son and took care of their daughters, pretty much as a single mom. There could easily be some bubbling resentment there and it’s obviously going to be Ben’s turn to be the on-duty parent for a while.

Sources close to the couple say that while they have issues, there is no plan to split just yet. What couple doesn’t have their issues? Jen and Ben have been seen squabbling over stupid things – like his now defunct beard.  Stupid little nit-picking things won’t bust up a family. Ben’s behavior while away from Jen for months at a time, could. She reportedly wanted to visit him last summer on-set and he refused to allow it. Instead he chose to go months without any face time with his wife and kids.  That could easily cause a problem!

Will Jen and Ben’s marriage survive Hollywood and all of its pitfalls? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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One response to “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Marriage In Crisis”

  1. Susie says:

    One way to tell that article is bogus is because it said Ben filmed in Iran last summer. Argo was filmed mostly in LA (and he came home every night) and spent just 3 weeks filming in Turkey a couple of winters ago, not last summer, and not in Iran. Last summer he filmed just a couple of weeks in Puerto Rico, and there were plenty of pictures of them together visiting at the beach, meeting Ben at the airport, etc. Why is everyone trying to drum up problems when there arent any? They have kids that read, you know.