Ben Affleck’s Poker Rip Off – $500,000 Stolen!

Ben Affleck’s Poker Rip Off - $500,000 Stolen!

Ten years after it happened the scandal that rocked the poker website Ultimate Bet is back in the news. Poker News Daily is reporting that John Mehaffey released audio tapes regarding website owner Russ Hamilton turning on “God Mode” to see a player’s hand and swindle their money. One of the victims of the scandal was Ben Affleck who lost $500,000.

Ben is a serious poker player and a high roller. He was tutored in the game by professional poker players Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. In the summer of 2004 the Argo actor and director won the California State Poker Championship after a $10,000 buy in. Jewish Business News is reporting Ben played poker in illegal games in Los Angeles and was caught on police camera. Reports are that these poker games were high stakes, private games organized by Molly “Poker Princess” Bloom. She has ties to the Russian mob and was indicted last month for participating in their illegal activities.

Do you think that Ben is involved in illegal gambling run by criminal organizations?  Would that be one reason amongst many that he decided not to run for senate?  Does Benny Boy just have too many skeletons in his closest?

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