Beyonce and Alicia Keys Make Out – Distract Attention From Flop Documentary


Beyonce was a loose cannon at last night’s NBA All-Star game in Houston, Texas after she made out with singer Alicia Keys in front of all the cameras. It’s pretty bizarre, because not only that, she also dissed rapper Drake and was gazing at Lebron James. The 31-year old arrived at the game with her husband Jay-Z, and it didn’t take long for her to get comfortable and cause a scene, making the entire event all about her.

Didn’t she have enough spotlight when she was performing at the Super Bowl halftime show to an audience of 105 million people? It just so happens to come across as another cry for attention from Beyonce who recently debuted her poorly-received HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream, which came across as more of a concert than an actual true-life story on her struggles in life, her personal issues and a lot of other irrelevant crap nobody really cared about. “For those who can’t imagine growing tired of Beyonce Knowles’ flawless face (or the rest of her), try going 90 wearisome minutes with “Life Is But a Dream,” one reviewer shared at Variety.

Beyonce isn’t a fool, she clearly knows that her documentary was a mess; it was her directorial debut and she sucked at it. So what better way to draw the attention away from such a disaster, than make out with a sexy chick who goes by the name of Alicia Keys, to try and prevent people from criticizing the bootylicious starlet even more? Smart thinking, we must say.

See the hilarious pictures of Beyonce kissing Alicia Keys, dissing rapper Drake, flirting with Lebron James and more. Could Bey have possibly have a thing for women, too? By the looks of the pics, we say yes she has.

2 responses to “Beyonce and Alicia Keys Make Out – Distract Attention From Flop Documentary”

  1. Give the keystrokes a rest. The vitriol you have reserved for this woman is not worth the blood vessels you may have popped on this latest rant. Beyonce isn’t for everyone, but these acid love letters are OTT.