Big Brother 15 Episode 26 Spoilers: Who Wins HoH, Who’s Back in the House!

Big Brother 15 Episode 26 Spoilers: Who Wins HoH, Who's Back in the House!

Big Brother 15 fans – we have all the news on who won the double competition last night. You will remember that Julie left us hanging by not revealing who won the HoH and which Juror came back in the house. Well, not to worry we have all the details right here along with the juicy tidbits.

Elissa is the winner of HoH for this upcoming week and Judd is the juror who got back into the house, Amanda took the time to gloat to Jessie who lost. Jessie gives Amanda a “F*ck you Amanda I hate you” before she leaves the game, beautiful!

Aaryn runs right to Judd and tells him that she was forced to vote him out because Amanda and McCrae threatened that if she didn’t, they would get rid of her next. Meanwhile Amanda tells Aaryn that everyone has to stick to the plan and tell Judd that Helen is the one that wanted him out.

McCrae is whining like a little baby and hiding under the sheets with Amanda, “We’re f** if any of us go up.. the house will turn on us”, no kidding and we can’t wait for that to happen.

We all know that a Pandora’s Box is around the corner and the consensus in the Big Brother house is that Elissa will get it and it will involve her sister Rachel.

The drama is heating up and we’ll have more coming this weekend.