Big Brother 15 Week 7 HoH Winner and Have Nots Spoilers – Andy Herren Wins HoH Episode 20

Big Brother 15 Week 7 HoH Winner and Have Nots Spoilers - Andy Herren Wins HoH Episode 20

Last night was an all new night of Big Brother 15 and it was a double eviction. Candice was sent home and that was no shock, but Judd leaving really turned the house upside down. Judd had a final two deal with Aaryn and Amanda found out which caused Judd’s exit to the jury house. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, you can read the full and detailed recap right here.

After the live show, the Big Brother cameras kept rolling and a lot happened. Judd’s leaving the house was a huge surprise for Andy and he was completely shaken and devastated over it. Although McCrae felt the same and the two had each other for comfort over their loss. McCrae is so convinced that Judd leaving has totally ruined his game.

Helen meanwhile is busy as a bee, she is working on making sure that she is going to make it to the final two with Amanda. Aaryn is worried that Candice could come back in the house and come after them all if there if there is a Pandora’s Box coming up. Can you just imagine Candice returning and getting revenge on them all? Well Aaryn has already set up a plan for that, she has enlisted the other house guests’ help in that if she returns, they will work together to get her out as fast as they can.

The HoH competition was held, our sister site,, has the new HoH, Andy Herren, for week 7, all the action surrounding his selection, and the new Have Nots for the week, you can read ALL THE SPOILERS RIGHT HERE.

Next week it will be interesting to see if Helen maintains her power in the house, or if Amanda stabs her in the back and gets her out. The thing is, if Jessie lies low next week, she may just have a chance to remain in the house because now all the alliances are going to fall apart when the struggle to get to the final two gets even stronger.

What it comes down to next week, is there going to be a Pandora’s Box. If there is one, it could completely shake up the game and break some already very fragile alliances. The great thing about last night is that the racial slurs seem to have been put to rest, the house guests are done with that crap it seems and more focused on the game.

How have you been enjoying Big Brother so far this season? Do you think Amanda is going to win it all?