Big Brother 2013 RECAP 7/28/13: Season 15 Episode 14 “Eviction Nominations”

Big Brother 2013 RECAP 7/28/13: Season 15 Episode 14 “Eviction Nominations”

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns for the fourteenth episode and the fifth week of the 15th season. On tonight’s episode we will find out which houseguests Aaryn who won HoH will be nominating for eviction. Did you watch last week’s Live Eviction and HoH competition? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last week’s show by some miracle Aaryn managed to avoid being sent home, proving the houseguests are not thinking.  With a vote of 9-0 Kaitlin got sent home last week.  Kaitlin was not pleased to be evicted and bolted out of the house.  When she met with Julie, she reminded her of comments she made in the house and Kaitlin agreed she was not always nice. During the HoH competition Aaryn won.

On tonight’s show we are going to have the nomination ceremony and find out who Aaryn puts on the block.  It will be interesting to see if Aaryn keeps her word and puts up the people she vowed to put up last week in exchange for keeping her in the house for another week.  My guess is she won’t.  We will also see the Have-Not competition and find out which four houseguests will be the Have-nots.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 8 PM EST with its thirteenth episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you?  Who do you think is going to be voted out?  While you wait for the recap, let us know what you think of this season of Big Brother, so far?

RECAP: Howard regretted having to go with the numbers in the house, he really wishes that he could have kept Kaitlin in the house. Andy thinks Kaitlin broke a record for the person being the fastest to get the heck out of the house. Aaryn couldn’t be happier from being at the bottom of the barrel to the tip of the mountain. Elissa is not thrilled about Aaryn winning HoH, in fact she is speechless. Helen is hoping that Aaryn is going to keep her deal that she would put up Howard and Spencer, so the big question is will she keep her end of the deal. Candace feels like throwing up, she can’t believe that Aaryn had a perfect score. Jessie knows that she has to place nice with Aaryn this week, they need to be on good terms.

Candace thinks the day sucks because Aaryn made a game changing deal that will effect her showmance. Time to check out the HoH room, Aaryn has a glorious room; candy, fruit, alcohol and a creepy clown. Elissa spills about the deal and Helen now puts a target on her back.

McCrae keeps himself busy with some smooching time with Amanda in the bathtub while Spencer heads on up to the HoH room to try and save himself. Spencer tells Aaryn that there are better deals she can make in the house and if she is going to save herself she better look at other options.

Howard knows the target is on his back and he wants to make sure his name does not come out of her mouth when the nominations come up. Aaryn tells Howard that Helen approached her to make a deal and she doesn’t know what to do, she knows she has to do what the numbers want her to do. Howard tells her that if she shakes the game up, she will not be safe the following week.

Sirens are going off in the Big Brother house it is the Big Brother police. It is a video from Poppy Montgomery from the show Unforgettable tv show and she tells the contestants about the Have Nots competition. The contestants go into the Big Brother evidence room where they have to collect the evidence and stack it on a desk. Candace does not want to be a Have Not again and Ginamarie never wants to be one, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The orange team is first to stack all their items and Aaryn thinks she and Elissa may just make a good match, or maybe not.

Green team finishes second and Candace thinks this is really too easy.

Poppy comes back on and tells them an envelope, then tells them that they have to remember exactly where they found the evidence and stack it back on the original shelves. The first two teams to accomplish the task will be the Haves for the week, the last team will be the Have Nots.

Green team loses; The Have Nots for the week are Judd, Candice, Amanda and Ginamarie.

Elissa is always doing yoga, she’ll do it anywhere and loves to tune everyone out.

Candace approaches Aaryn and tells her that she wants her to know what is going on because it is a crucial week in the house. Aaryn tells her it is hard, she doesn’t want to put Howard up but she has to do what the majority of the house want. Candace tells her that someone has to break of Amanda and McCrae because if they don’t, those two are going to win the game. Aaryn sits there and listens to Candice but lets it all go in one ear and out the other because as she says it, “Candace doesn’t even exist anymore”. Candace heads on over to see Howard and give him feedback, she tells him that they better have luck because talking to Aaryn probably just put a bigger target on her back in the end.

Time for the nominations and it is a pretty somber group that gets together at the table to find out who is safe. The two people that Aaryn has put up for elimination are Howard and Spencer, no surprise there. Aaryn says it is nothing personal and what is best for her game. Elssa is thrilled and shocked that she was not put up, while Howard thinks that God is going to save him. Helen is thrilled that Aaryn stuck to her side of the deal. That is it for tonight, see you Wednesday night for more Big Brother drama.