Big Brother 2013 RECAP 9/4/13: Season 15 Episode 30 “PoV Competition”

Big Brother 2013 RECAP 9/4/13: Season 15 Episode 30 “PoV Competition”

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns for the 30th episode of their 15th season. On tonight’s episode we see what happens in the PoV competition. Did you watch the last episode where the eviction nominations were announced? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last episode we got to see the continuation of the HoH competition and it was GinaMarie who won.  GinaMarie was thrilled and she was determined to make a big move.  We also had a luxury competition where the remaining houseguests competed for $10,000 by popping balloons and having to collect 3 tokens.  Spencer won the competition and collected another $10,000.  Amanda spent most of the show trying to convince GinaMarie to put Elissa on the block but failed.  At the nomination ceremony GinaMarie nominated McCrae and Amanda.

On tonight’s show we will see another Veto competition and both members of McCranda are on the block so the competition is going to be fierce.  If you must know who won the competition we spoiler the episode for you and you can find out [CLICK HERE]  We will also find out if the winner of the PoV take him or herself off the block and who the replacement nominee will be.  Remember tomorrow is double eviction night so you know it is going to be exciting.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 9 PM EST with its eleventh episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? While you wait for the recap, let us know what you think of this season of Big Brother, so far?

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Tonight’s show opens with GinaMarie saying she put Amanda and McCrae up on the block because they are a huge power duo. Amanda says she was completely blindsided. McCrae wonders if they were too big a target.

Elissa is excited because one of them either Amanda or McCrae are going home. Amanda tells mcCrae that she feels Spencer might be behind their nomination, McCrae agrees.

Amanda comes into the room to talk to Spencer and Andy and tells him she has to be working with him. Spencer denies all. Amanda tells Andy and Spencer that it all does not make sense.

Amanda storms out and heads up to GinaMarie. She asks GinaMarie why she put them up – Amanda does not understand Elissa evicted Nick. GinaMarie tells Amanda that Aaryn did lots for Amanda and McCrae and they deserted Aaryn. Amanda keeps tell GinaMarie that it does not make sense. GinaMarie keeps telling Amanda that she had to split them up and feels it was a good game move.

Judd gets angry at Amanda’s comments – he feels she threatens him about going up. A lot of bickering goes on and on. Amanda starts crying saying she does not want to be in the house anymore. GinaMarie laughs and Judd makes a sarcastic comment.

Amanda goes to cry to McCrae. Amanda is convinced that Spencer did this and tells McCrae not to trust Spencer or Judd. Amanda goes to the diary room and says that what McCrae and her have is completely real. She loves him.

Alyssa is listening to Andy and Amanda talking in the storage room.  From what she heard Elissa thinks that Andy may be loyal to Amanda and not her.  Spencer catches Alyssa eavesdropping and tells Amanda.

Veto competition players.  Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Spencer and Andy are playing.  Judd and Spencer find out their chicken suit punishment is over.

Both Spencer and Andy assure Amanda they are going to fight hard for them at Veto.  Elissa suspects that Andy is working both sides of the house.

PoV competition – they are all dressed in tutus – they look adorable.  They have to challenge each other.  They spin 15 times and then try to knock down bowling pins.  GinaMarie wants to win badly.

Everyone keeps challenging Amanda, because everyone is challenging her all the spinning is making her sick and making her vomit.  McCrae feels what they are doing is cruel.  Three rounds and Amanda has won every round.  At the end it is Amanda and McCrae bowling in the finals and one will win the veto.  They fight hard and McCrae wins.  Amanda cries she really, really tried.  She now feels her game is over and her experience is over.

Now GinaMarie has decided who goes up in replacement of McCrae and Spencer and Andy want GinaMarie to put Elissa up but GinaMarie refuses.  So either Spencer or Andy will go up.

McCrae feels guilty but he decides to use the Veto on himself.  At the Veto ceremony Amanda is weepy and crying and says she is glad that she lost to McCrae and tells him not to use the Veto on her.  McCrae tells everyone he decided to use the veto on himself and he apologizes to Amanda.

GinaMarie decides to put Spencer back up on the block to replace McCrae.

McCrae is upset – he feels he let Amanda down and he has a lot of regrets.

Amanda thinks GinaMarie putting her on the block is because she is jealous of her and McCrae’s relationship.

This is Spencer’s 7th time on the block and he is pretty confident he will not be going.  He has made a big brother record.

Tomorrow we will find out who goes home Amanda or McCrae – there has been a lot of drama in the house and it is going to get worse as we lead up to tomorrow.

Don’t forget tomorrow is a double elimination!!!