Big Brother RECAP 9/12/13: Season 15 Episode 34 “Final 3 Revealed”

Big Brother RECAP 9/12/13: Season 15 Episode 34 "Final 3 Revealed"

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns with the 34th episode of the 15th season and tonight we are going to find out who the final 3 houseguest will be competing for the $500,000.  Did you watch last night’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last night’s show McCrae won the Veto. So he was safe this week — which is NOT what everyone wanted.  The Exterminators had not succeeded in their goal this week. Now, two exterminators were on the block. Spencer’s already said he’ll be putting up Judd alongside GM and he did.  At eviction time by a vote of 2 Judd was sent to the jury house.  Judd reveals to Julie that he wants GM to win. He says that he thinks everyone’s underestimated her, and Julie says, “Wow.”  Next the HoH competition was played out and Andy won.

On tonight’s show we find out who the new HoH Andy puts up for eviction.  We also find out who wins the very important PoV.  Then we are on to the eviction and the final 3 will be revealed.  If you cannot wait for tonight’s show we have already spoiled it for you and have all the information you crave.  [CLICK HERE]

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 8 PM EST with its eleventh episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? While you wait for the recap, let us know what you think of this season of Big Brother, so far?

RECAP: The Exterminators took out the three biggest players in the game and tonight they are after McCrae. Spencer is pumped that the Exterminators are still in control, but he wishes that McCrae went before Judd.

It is time for the nomination ceremony and Andy is going to nominate two people; the first is McCrae and Spencer. Ginamarie is thrilled to have her key around her neck; it’s all up to the Veto competition now.

We get a look into the jury house and Helen is having a great time, no more bitterness. Candice, Jessie and Helen are waiting to see who arrives and it is Aaryn. Candice thinks it is a dream come true, she is happy Aaryn is voted out. Aaryn take the opportunity to apologize to the girls for the horrible things that they have said. They girls all toast and let it go. The for girls are now waiting for the next person to arrive and they guess it is Andy, but find out it is Amanda. Jessie is thrilled that Amanda is voted out because she didn’t want her to win. Helen loves the fact that Ginamarie made such a big move. Amanda thinks it was Elissa voted her out but tells everyone that Andy is in an alliance with the Exterminators and he is the one that got rid of her. Then Amanda tells everyone that it is a double eviction and someone else is going to arrive soon; Elissa walks through the door. Amanda thinks that McCrae made a huge mistake in getting rid of Elissa. Amanda gives Elissa back her ring and apologizes that McCrae voted her out. There is one more person coming into the house, it is Judd who calls himself the “party dog”. Judd has brought a DVD with him for everyone to watch. Everyone starts talking about Ginamarie and the majority think she should win, but Amanda says no, McCrae should win because he is the smartest person. Aaryn is so done with the drama from Amanda; all she is doing it campaign for McCrae, she calls his game loyal. The tension in the jury house is brewing and you can can it with a knife; poor Judd doesn’t know if he is going to survive jury house.

It is time for the most important Veto competition of the summer. The houseguests head out side to find lots of cobwebs and spiders. It’s a puzzle called “web of flies”. This is the last and important competition, everyone is putting 100% into this. McCrae thinks he could win the $500,000.00 if he gets this Veto, he is very confident. Well, the Exterminators are still in charge because Andy has won the Veto.

It is time to play the Veto, first McCrae and Spencer are going to plea to stay in the house. McCrae is so dumb that he gives a shout out to his friends and promote his podcast. Andy makes his decision, he is not going to use the PoV. Julie tells McCrae and Spencer that one of them are going home and gives them another chance for another plea. McCrae says some other dumb nonsense and doesn’t even address Ginamarie. Spencer at least says something nice to Ginamarie. It is time for the eviction, Ginamarie thanks Andy for giving her the key, then she tells McCrae that he is awesome and an allstar; they she tells him that he is chosen to be evicted from the house. McCrae again promotes some stupid website and then finally leaves, good riddance, maybe Big Brother will give him his own commercial.

Julie shows McCrae a little piece of video when Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie told McCrae about the Exterminators. McCrae says that he was blown away, he should have been smarter. Julie asks McCrae why he didn’t vote out Andy and he says because he thought that Andy wanted to work with him. In the end, McCrae says he should have followed his gut. Julie asks about the showmance, did he put the showmance ahead of the game. McCrae says that they both helped each other, but when she left he felt crippled, she should have left earlier. Julie then asks McCrae if he is in love with Amanda or afraid of her. McCrae says they are polar opposites, but who knows what will happen outside the house. McCrae tells Julie that in hindsight, he should have distanced himself more from Amanda and he blames his showmance with her on his now being evicted.

Julie address the final three and asks Andy why he exposed the alliance. Andy says there was nothing to lose at this point and they felt that he deserved to know. Julie tells the three that they will now have to turn on each other because there is a final HoH.