Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 Series Finale: How Will This Epic Drama Conclude?

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 Series Finale: How Will This Epic Drama Conclude?

Over the past five years I’ve watched Breaking Bad and become as addicted to it as Walter White is to making meth and Jesse is to taking it. Over and over again I have seen him come close to paying the ultimate price and then, with seconds to spare, he comes out of it unscathed. I have seen Jesse fall and pick himself back up so many times I lost count. This Sunday it all comes to an end. Here’s our full recap of last week’s penultimate episode should you have been slacking and didn’t watch it.

I feel that after everything Mr. White has done, he doesn’t deserve a happy ending. Jesse on the other hand has been burned over and over again, and  he needs to find a way to rise from the ashes and become his own man.

It’s impossible to even get a hint of what the final episode will bring from the synopsis, it is far to vague. All it says is “the story concludes”. My question is how? How do you bring this story full circle and offer an ending that satisfies both the character’s story and the millions of fans who watch. I think I know how it will start. The scene we saw earlier this year with Walter in the diner making the 52 with his bacon, that will be the starting point.

After that I’m not certain what will happen, but I have a few ideas.

First and foremost we know at some point Walter is going to stop hiding out in the middle of nowhere land and go back home to his wife and kids. Granted, the phone conversation he had with Junior on last week’s episode was full of anger and resentment; Junior is hurting and Walter needs to step up and show Junior he still cares for him and his mother and little sister. I’m sure it will be tough at first — but when taking into account all the damage Walter has done over the years this shouldn’t come easy for him.

It’s possible Walter might even wait until he is close to dying and won’t have to face the ramifications of his choices for very long. It’s also possible he will come back and all hell will break loose. After all he does have a lot of unfinished business to contend with: with his wife, Jesse, Todd, and Jack. There is also that pesky matter of explaining to Marie exactly where Hank is. Maybe he will show up and just hand the biz over to Todd and Jack. If that is the case I would hope one of the conditions would be the release of Jesse.

Speaking of Jesse he has had quite the story play out on this show as well. If anyone on this show deserves a happy ending it’s him. After being forced to watch Andrea’s death it’s become clear that Jesse needs to break free of the chains Walter has had him in all these years. In fact, I think it would be fitting that Jesse be the one to take out not only Jack and Todd but Walter as well. Then Jesse could take Brock and just walk away from all of it, start a new life, and be the good person we all know he is capable of being.

Skyler needs to become her own woman and be able to stand on her own two feet. The last episode after the shock wore off she seemed to understand what was going to be needed of her. With or without Walter, the bottom line is her kids are only going to have the one parent and I hope she can stick to her guns. I’m quite sure that Marie will be there to help her, after all she is Skyler’s sister, and it’s evident she loves her niece and nephew very much.

Marie is going to have a tough go of things for awhile. I’m sure she knows deep down Hank is dead and not coming back — still, she is going to hold on to that little sliver of hope or denial depending on how you look at it, until she has no other choice but to accept it

While I’m on the subject of Hank, wouldn’t it be something if he had just been faking and was actually still alive and just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike? That would make for a good ending I think. Walter would finally get his ass handed to him.

Todd, Jack, and Lydia definitely need to be dealt with in some way. I’m not saying by death, but they definitely need to pay for the things they have done as well.

The one thing that has become a recurrence in this show involves Bad people doing bad things and somehow always managing to get away with them — and us taking a sigh of relief that they did. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time they all faced the consequences of their reckless and violent behavior.

What if this episode does a time jump half way through like the last one? What if it’s some lame ending like Walter has been in the hospital this whole time and he has been dreaming all this, or writing a book? What if it is just some strung out tale from Jesse’s drugged up mind?

It really all depends on which way AMC feels they need to go. They could give the fans the ending they crave, or they could give a ending that satisfies the story they have been telling the past five years.

No matter how it ends I have no doubt it will have all of us talking about it for the next five years. What do you think will happen during the series finale?

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  1. busybeeblogger says:

    I hate Lydia and his former partners from grey matter the most. But Lydia will probably escape