Bruce Jenner Threatens To Give Kanye West A Beating For Cheating On Kim Kardashian With Leyla Ghobadi

Bruce Jenner Threatens To Give Kanye West A Beating For Cheating On Kim Kardashian With Leyla Ghobadi

There’s no love lost between Bruce Jenner and Kanye West, so it’s not really a surprise to hear that Bruce wants to beat Kanye to a pulp after hearing that he cheated on his daughter [Kim Kardashian, in case you’ve been hiding under a cave and/or manage to blissfully remain ignorant on all things Kardashian] with Leyla Ghobadi.

For those who saw Bruce on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week or heard about it, Bruce’s dislike for Kanye was so obvious that I’m surprised  more people didn’t catch on to it. When Bruce and Jimmy were discussing Kanye, Bruce very [very, very] sarcastically stated, ‘We love Kanye.’ He repeated it until people could tell he was being sarcastic, and then laughed and laughed and laughed.

Ok, Bruce, we get it – you don’t actually love Kanye. Well, since we know Bruce hates Kanye, it’s not very surprising to hear that he wants to beat the shit out of Kanye for cheating on his daughter. See, this is where Bruce differs from his wife, Kris Jenner – although she manages to keep him under her thumb for most of the year, whenever he does manage to escape her clutches and/or comes out of the sedation she puts him under, he’s funny, charming, and protective of his children. Sure, he looks terrifying – but that’s beside the point.

Do you guys think Bruce should be given free rein to beat up Kanye? Next time Kanye comes over to the house, he might actually have to watch his back. Then again, would Kris ever let Bruce harm their best source of income? Probably not. She’ll do everything she has to do to make sure that Kanye stays with Kim, thereby continuing to build the Kardashian empire into something none of us will ever be able to escape.

Bruce Jenner Threatens To Give Kanye West A Beating For Cheating On Kim Kardashian With Leyla Ghobadi

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  • shari

    I think Kanye can kick his butt.

  • KardashianKarma

    Let us not forget that Bruce cheated with Kris when she was STILL married to Robert Kardashian……so he has no right to speak since he did it too!

  • Angel 2009

    Bruce is just blowing outta his a** to appease PMK and her sleazy empire. A sedate 60 something doing a beat down on a 30 something?
    Ha! Will never happen! Lost all respect for this foolish old man.

  • gossip26

    Hang on a minute! Kim laughed all day with her friend Cheban when she heard Kanye had “allegedly” cheated, denying that Kanye had. She didn’t believe it. Then suddenly goes into labour, Kourtney wants her to ditch Kanye for cheating, Bruce wants to beat him up for cheating. So, if Kanye didn’t cheat why is the family reacting like this? Were they really that stupid to not read the signs of his absence during her pregnancy? Blind Freddy could see he had no interest whatsoever in her. It was her idea to get pregnant not Kanye’s. All that nonsense about “fertility problems”, how would she know she had fertility problems if she had never tried to get pregnant before? Khloe, unfortunately, really has fertility problems and Kim jumped on Khloe’s bandwagon to garner sympathy for herself. All the drama Kim brings to her own life because she has the mind of a 10 year old and doesn’t know how to live her life without the guidance of MOMAGER!